Robert Walter To Officially Release 'Aquarium Drunkard Lagniappe Session (Vol. 3) - First Single "White Lines"/"Cavern" Out Today

Article Contributed by The Royal Pota… | Published on Friday, February 17, 2023

Robert Walter interprets artists Grandmaster Flash & Melle Mel, Liquid Liquid, Jackie Mittoo, Eddie Harris, Rammellzee & K-Rob and Les Baxter & Martin Denny on his third session for the beloved music journal, Aquarium Drunkard. The keyboardist—who co-founded The Greyboy Allstars and is currently on tour as a member of Roger Waters’ band—plays all of the instruments. Originally shared exclusively via Aquarium Drunkard on May 14, 2021 in advance of Walter reissuing his 1996 solo debut Spirit Of '70, the five track EP is now being issued through Royal Potato Family on all digital music platforms. Pre-order/save HERE.

"These tracks were all recorded for Aquarium Drunkard’s Lagniappe series. This was my 3rd installment," explains Walter. "I always try to find some interesting tunes that have inspired me in some way over the years. It’s also a fun challenge to record the music all by myself. I played all the instruments here and arranged, recorded and mixed at home."

Today, the EP's opening track, a reimagination of Melle Mel's "White Lines," which itself was a reinvention of Liquid Liquid's track "Cavern," has been released. Listen HERE.

"I have always loved 'White Lines (Don’t Do It).' I remember hearing this when I was first discovering rap music as a kid. I learned later that the music is based on Liquid Liquid’s 'Cavern.' I love how the interactions between the NYC art scene, punk rock, and emerging hip-hop were happening so naturally and quickly during the late '70s," continues Walter. "This tune manages to be a message song, embrace some avant-garde musical ideas and still work as dance music even to this day. I have been playing it off and on in bands my entire life. I started doing it a lot as an organ vehicle during late night Jazzfest gigs as a comment on the wild party atmosphere. This version references both the original Liquid Liquid track and the brilliant Melle Mel interpolation.

Aquarium Drunkard Lagniappe Session, Vol. 3

1. White Lines / Cavern
2. Earthquake
3. 1974 Blues
4. Beat Bop
5. Quiet Village

Available March 10 On All Digital Music Platforms