"Second Son" by Honey Island Swamp Band

Article Contributed by Color Red | Published on Sunday, April 30, 2023

“Second Son” by Honey Island Swamp Band is the lead single off of the band’s debut Color Red album Custom Deluxe coming out on June 23rd. It is the band’s first release since 2016 with a collection of songs recorded between 2018-2022. With a slick throwback feel that feels like 70s action flicks such as Superfly and Starsky & Hutch, the song was written in collaboration between vocalist/guitarist Aaron Wilkinson and keyboardist Chris Spies and recorded at Color Red Studios during a 2-day session. While Wilkenson is the second son of a second son and the song is autobiographical in that sense, he tends to approach songwriting writing about characters as opposed to the author’s experiences heavily inspired by Steely Dan. In this case, he is envisioning a character who is a vagabond living hard and road weary. The track also features frequent Color Red collaborators vocalist Adryon de Leon and Madrid-based guitarist Lucas de Mulder. The track release comes ahead of the group’s Sunday afternoon fairgrounds performance at New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.