Slightly Stoopid release animated video

Article Contributed by Mason Jar Media | Published on Friday, July 7, 2017

Slightly Stoopid announce the release of a new animated video for the song “One Bright Day” featuring singer/songwriter Angela Hunte, off of their most current album release, Meanwhile … Back at the Lab. The video is comprised of animated stills procured from large canvas paintings donated by Hawaii-based artist and aspiring pro-surfer Danielle Zirk. Original art from the video will be auctioned, with proceeds donated to Global BrightLight Foundation.

“One Bright Day”, a sunny, ukulele-heavy track written and co-produced by Slightly Stoopid’s Kyle McDonald, complements the bold and bright island influences of Zirk’s artwork. The track includes vocals contributed by Angela Hunte who is best known for her writing contribution to the Jay-Z anthem “Empire State of Mind”.

The original signed and numbered hand painted canvasses used in the video will be auctioned to benefit the Global BrightLight Foundation (GBL), a nonprofit that provides affordable solar energy solutions to rural and impoverished communities worldwide.

“I wanted to illustrate a story of nature, love, and compassion by channeling the sound of the ukulele and the echoing voice of Hawaii,” says Zirk. “I used traditional Hawaiian imagery evoking volcanic goddesses, traditional oceanic star charting systems, old canoes sailing amongst breathing natural landscapes, and the one-of-a-kind enchantment of the ocean.” The resulting message is one of connecting with nature, love, loss and spiritual return.

The CEO of Global BrightLight Foundation (GBL) Ben Bunker says "GBL is thrilled to partner with Slightly Stoopid to bring solar energy to people living without electricity in Latin America. The themes of light and hope in the song One Bright Day reflect our vision of a world in which everyone has access to clean, sustainable energy. The solar lanterns that we will distribute together will save families money, provide extra hours of study time for children, and prevent dangerous fires caused by candles and kerosene lamps. A little power makes a world of difference."