Tell Ace Hardware: Stop selling bee-killing pesticides

Article Contributed by Friends of the Earth | Published on Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Good news -- two more garden retail giants -- Walmart and True Value -- are eliminating bee-killing neonicotinoid pesticides! This is largely thanks to people like you, who tirelessly emailed, called, swarmed on social media and delivered letters to True Value demanding that it help save bees. All your hard work paid off! There is only one large garden retailer who is still holding out -- Ace Hardware. It’s time for Ace to join its competitors and make a firm commitment to stop selling bee-killing pesticides! 

Tell Ace Hardware: Stop selling bee-killing pesticides.

The impact of Walmart and True Value’s commitments is huge. It signals that the garden industry has largely rejected bee-killing pesticides. 

Even before these commitments, 74 percent of growers who supply large garden retailers with their plants said they would not use neonics this year. That means together we’ve already transformed nearly three-quarters of the garden industry. Walmart and True Value get us much closer to 100%!

Walmart says it has already removed neonics from 80% of its plants and has eliminated neonics from most gardening products. True Value announced that it will phase out neonics in all of its products by spring of 2018 and is working to remove neonics from its plants. These two companies join Lowe’s, Home Depot, Costco and more than 100 other retailers and garden companies in saying NO to neonics.

Now, we need Ace to step up. By continuing to sell plants and products containing neonics, Ace is proving how out of touch it is with what people like you want. And it has no more excuses -- it could easily stock its stores with neonic-free plants and products.

Tell Ace: Join all of your competitors and stop selling bee-killing pesticides NOW!

As a supporter of Friends of the Earth, you’re making this change happen. You pushed the leading garden retailers to reject bee-killing pesticides.

Many thanks for all of your hard work in this fight so far. It’s paying off -- but we can’t stop now! 

We still need you with us to fight back against the pesticide industry and move the garden industry to eliminate neonics. Take the next step and help push Ace Hardware to act.

Tell Ace to stop dragging its feet and join the fight to save bees NOW!