Van Halen Shares Never-Before-Seen "Top Of The World" Performance from 1991

Article Contributed by Shore Fire Media | Published on Saturday, June 15, 2024

Van Halen’s ninth studio album, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, debuted at #1 and stayed there for three weeks during the summer of 1991. It was the third consecutive #1 album from singer Sammy Hagar, guitarist Eddie Van Halen, drummer Alex Van Halen, and bassist Michael Anthony.

An Expanded Edition of the album is arriving this summer from Rhino, including a newly remastered version of the original, along with previously unreleased audio and video footage from Van Halen’s December 4, 1991, concert in Dallas, Texas.

FOR UNLAWFUL CARNAL KNOWLEDGE (EXPANDED EDITION) will be available on July 12 and includes two LPs, two CDs, and a Blu-ray. PRE-ORDER HERE. will have an exclusive bundle featuring the release and a set of four 7” singles, including “Poundcake” / “Pleasure Dome,” “Top Of The World” / “In ‘N’ Out,” “Right Now” (Organ Version) / “Man On A Mission,” and “Right Now” (Guitar Version) / “The Dream Is Over” (Instrumental Version).

Originally released in June 1991, For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge was an immediate success. It reached triple platinum certification and earned Van Halen its first Grammy® Award for Best Hard Rock Performance and American Music Award® for Favorite Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Album. Producer and engineer Bernie Grundman expertly remastered and cut lacquers for this edition, ensuring pristine sound quality.

The Expanded Edition includes previously unreleased alternate versions of “Right Now” and “The Dream Is Over.” The main attraction, however, has to be the previously unreleased concert footage from Van Halen’s December 4, 1991, performance in Dallas. Captured during the “For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge Tour,” this electrifying show is a powerful example of Van Halen’s unparalleled stage presence.

The show’s setlist mixes new songs (“Judgement Day” and “Poundcake”) with songs from 5150 and OU812 (“Best Of Both Worlds” and “Finish What Ya Started”). The band also played “Panama,” a hit from its time with singer David Lee Roth, plus two of Hagar’s hits, “I Can’t Drive 55” and “There’s Only One Way To Rock.”

In addition, the Blu-ray includes the official music videos for “Poundcake,” “Runaround,” “Top Of The World,” and the 1992 MTV VMA Video Of The Year winner, “Right Now.” “Finally, the remastered album is included in the set as a double LP, featuring an etching of the Van Halen logo on the fourth side.


2-CD Track Listing

Disc One: Original Album Remastered

1. “Poundcake”

2. “Judgement Day”

3. “Spanked”

4. “Runaround”

5. “Pleasure Dome”

6. “In ’n’ Out”

7. “Man On A Mission”

8. “The Dream Is Over”

9. “Right Now”

10. “316”

11. “Top Of The World”

Disc Two: Rarities & Live

1. “Right Now” – Organ Version (Single Mix)

2. “The Dream Is Over” – Instrumental Version *

3. “Right Now” – Guitar Version (Single Mix) *

Live at the Westend Market, Dallas, TX (12/4/91)

4. “Poundcake” *

5. “Judgement Day” *

6. “There’s Only One Way To Rock” *

7. “Runaround” *

8. “Why Can’t This Be Love” *

9. “Panama” *

10. “A Apolitical Blues” *

11. “Finish What Ya Started” *

12. “I Can’t Drive 55” *

13. “Best Of Both Worlds” *

14. “Top Of The World” *


Live at the Westend Market, Dallas, TX (12/4/91)

1. Poundcake” *

2. “Judgement Day” *

3. “There’s Only One Way To Rock” *

4. “Runaround” *

5. “Why Can’t This Be Love” *

6. “Panama” *

7. “A Apolitical Blues” *

8. “Finish What Ya Started” *

9. “I Can’t Drive 55” *

10. “Best Of Both Worlds” *

11. “Top Of The World” *

12. “Poundcake” – Promo Video

13. “Runaround” – Promo Video

14. “Right Now” – Promo Video

15. “Top Of The World” – Promo Video

LP: Original Album Remastered

2-LP Track Listing

LP One: Side One

1. “Poundcake”

2. “Judgement Day”

3. “Spanked”

4. “Runaround”

Side Two

1. “Pleasure Dome”

2. “In ’n’ Out”

3. “Man On A Mission”

LP Two: Side One

1. “The Dream Is Over”

2. “Right Now”

3. “316”

4. “Top Of The World”

Side Two

Van Halen Logo Etching

* previously unreleased