Women Saluting Women To Celebrate 100 Years of Women’s Constitutional Right to Vote

Article Contributed by Leighton Media | Published on Wednesday, August 26, 2020

On Wednesday, August 26th, WBAI Radio 99.5FM NYC (wbai.org) will broadcast a day devoted to the history of the Women’s Suffrage Movement featuring contemporary feminist icons. The cast will re-enact highlights from 100 years of the campaign for equality.

Transdisciplinary artist and renowned feminist Phoebe Legere will play the part of Chairwoman at the historic first women’s rights convention: the Seneca Falls Convention of 1848.

Legere will also present a stunning rendition of several 100-year-old Suffrage songs including “GLORY.”

Legere’s interpretation on piano, guitar and accordion, and vocals is a formidable anthem for our time. Legere’s powerhouse interpretation of “GLORY” celebrates the past achievements of women fighting for the freedom to vote, while heralding the need to continue the battle for true equality.


This song, with words by L. May Wheeler sung to the music of “John Brown,” was first performed by Susan B. Anthony and a chorus of women on July 4, 1876 at the Women’s Centennial Celebration of American Independence held at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia.

After singing the song, Anthony read the Women’s Declaration of Rights to a cheering crowd.

“Our hearts have felt the glory of the coming of the time,

When Law and Love shall make our land sublime,

When every mountain hill and rock with freedom’s light will shine,

And truth goes marching on.”

Legere says, “The use of ‘John Brown’ as the melody of this song amplifies the strong ties between the Abolitionist Movement and Women’s Suffrage.”

The WBAI program will be broadcast on August 26th, Wednesday, from 11 am – 5 pm EST on Fran Luck’s “The Joy of Resistance, Multicultural Feminist Radio”,  99.5 FM and streaming live at wbai.org.The show will be presented again on August 27th at 7 pm by the Theater for the New City. Watch at Theaterforthenewcity.net.

Phoebe Legere is a pioneer female composer and multi-instrumentalist and a well-known activist and community leader championing women’s causes.

Her work as a playwright has chronicled many women’s issues.  In her musical, “Hello, Mrs. President,” Legere’s book presented the first woman of color to become president of the United States. Legere’s play, starring Laverne Baker debuted at Theater for The New City in 1992 and 2004 playing to sold out crowds.

Phoebe Legere’s “Speed Queen,” presented at Dixon Place in 2018 was based on the Life of Joe Carstairs, the World Champion Speedboat Racer and lesbian action hero.

As a visual artist Legere has created cutting-edge paintings and installations celebrating the beauty and fecundity of the female body. Legere’s art transgresses normative sexuality and gender identity.

Legere launched Foundation for New American Art, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to bringing arts education programs to underserved children in low-income communities.

Phoebe will make a download of her “GLORY” available at no charge to those who visit her website.  Please visit www.phoebelegere.com