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For Peace Band is proud to announce Always Love, their sophomore album due out on July 27, 2018 on the Rootfire Cooperative imprint. Formed in 2012 and hailing from the mighty island of Guam, For Peace Band is Ronald “RJ” Pereira (Guitar/Vocals), Freddy Bordallo (Drums/Vocals), Jacob Iosa(Keys/Vocals), and Danton Cruz (Bass/Vocals). They quickly gained prominence at home, winning the 2014 Island Music Awards for Best Original Song, and 2015 Island Music Awards for Best Reggae Band.

While the local reggae scene in Guam is thriving very few bands ever make it off the island because the cost is so prohibitive. As the only band from the island who is starting to make regular trips to North America, For Peace Band has overcome massive obstacles just to be here. On their first tours in North America, keyboardist and vocalist Jacob Iosa reflects “It was exciting to hear people sing our lyrics. That connection changed our whole lives and is probably the reason why we keep coming back. The fans are truly awesome, and everyone we have worked with from the production teams to the bands are all next level.”

Always Love features a wide range of sonic delights, resting on a bed of deep roots reggae rhythms, crisp drumming, and seamless vocal interplay between all four singers. Welcoming guest vocalists for two of the tunes, “Revival” feat. Star of The Steppas, and “Judgment Day” feat. Nathan Feinstein of Iya Terra, both showcase the group’s talent for chanting choruses and hard-hitting, melodic rhythms.

Touring in the US and Palao they have been embraced by some of our favorites, including Tribal Seeds, The Green, Fortunate Youth, The Expanders, HIRIE, Iya Terra and more. “I first heard about For Peace Band through The Expanders,” says Rootfire General Manager, Reid Foster, “and the fact that they were traveling from Guam was sort of mind-blowing. The music is fantastic and Rootfire is in a position to have a really meaningful impact on their careers right now. So this is a special project on a lot of levels.”

For Peace Band is currently on tour supporting Arise Roots on the west coast. Pre-order Always Love today and help support independent artists.

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Always Love

Chance To Grow

Move Out Of Babylon

Be Alright

Rarest Flower

Chatty Mouth

Revival (feat. Star of The Steppas)

Judgment Day (feat. Iya Terra)

Got To Try

Secret Recipe

I Remember

Jah Guide

Love #42

Tour Dates:
Jun 27: Boise, ID
Jun 28: Portland, OR
Jun 29: Olympia, WA
Jul 1: Seattle, WA