Amon Tobin’s Visual Music Dances Through Boulder

The Boulder Theater has been on a roll lately with their combination of a plethora of amazing and diverse shows. They have allowed the fans of Boulder to see so many different types of entertaining shows. This is what makes the venue the best indoor venue in Colorado.

Amon Tobin is one of the well-known artists that have come across Colorado to project his tunes, colors, and imagination throughout the stage. Tobin has been on tour around the world promoting his newest live album entitled Isam. But, in addition, he is promoting his newest live show with the same title. The reason that I differentiated the two is because this concert was not a typical concert at all. It was like an art show. The show was extremely visually stimulating, but not very danceable.

Upon entering the venue there was a very low bass sound that was the pseudo warm up sound. It was a buzzing electric reverb block that continued into the opening of the show. The sound was a deep bass sound that shook the theater. The sold out crowd quickly found their space as soon as it started because most knew that this was not a dance party type electronic show.

All of the songs had a very similar almost concept album feel to them. It seemed like they all belonged together as in a painting. There were mostly cubic arrangements projected on the stage with Tobin (the DJ) hiding in the center block of the 3D space. One song had almost a slave working/wood chopping rhythm to it that included Star Wars light saber type effects throughout. The screen in the back periodically showed video of ships sailing or just abstract shapes and designs. The show was extremely electric with the sounds of electrocution and other metallic olfactory blubs.

The show only lasted about an hour and some change, which I was surprised about. But, if you are someone who appreciates live electronic music with some amazing visual stimulants, then this was the show for you.

Check out more photos from the show.

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