Announcing: Arlo Guthrie's "Rehashed 4:20 Sampler"

Coming up on Saturday, April 20, 2013, legendary folk music icon Arlo Guthrie and Rising Son Records will release the Rehashed 4:20 Sampler, a collection of hilarious classic Arlo performances from the 60's and 70's. Guthrie's incomparable ability of entangling uproariously comical tales into his songs is best represented here in a hazy cloud of absurdity on one CD. Three extraordinarily engaging tracks make up the sampler, clocking in at more than an hour of non-stop entertainment. On April 20th only, the Rehashed 4:20 Sampler will be on sale for $4.20 on; thereafter, the album is available for $9.99. All tracks are digitally remastered. Contact high not guaranteed, but likely.

"The Alice's Restaurant Rainbow Roach Affair," the first track on the sampler, is a story based on the beloved Alice's Restaurant Massacree. However, the "Rainbow Roach Affair" offers an alternative national defense for preventing World War III involving the Johnson administration, rainbow roaches, plastic baggies, missiles and some Scotch Tape™. This version is previously unreleased and is made available for the first time on this CD.

"The Story of Moses," according to Guthrie, is possibly the oldest song. Ever. "Mose" grew up to be a heavy-duty cat, and took a righteous stand to free the wandering dudes that were harvesting the stash for Pharaoh. An outlandish tale of biblical proportion, "The Story of Moses" puts a groovy spin on the Old Testament parable.

"Reuben Clamzo and his Strange Daughter in the Key of A" is a favorite from Arlo's 1978, One Night. Remastered for this compilation, "Clamzo" has never sounded better. Even the band can't keep it together when Guthrie spins a yarn of early American settlers facing aggressive, oversized bivalves. Reuben Clamzo is not, however, without weighty social merit. It is rumored that the Clamshell Alliances paralleled the anti-nuclear movement providing Zeitgeist commentary of the late 70's when recorded. As Guthrie says Pete Seeger once noted, "Folk songs are serious."

Don't miss out on this hilarious opportunity to enjoy Arlo Guthrie's classic stories this April 20th and beyond!

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