Announcing the Wuhnurth Music Festival 2010

The Wuhnurth Committee is proud to announce Stable Studios in Spencer, Ind., as the new home of the Wuhnurth Music Festival. Stable Studios, located in the foothills of South Central Indiana, is a beautiful environment with so much to offer. This year’s festival will be held on Friday, September 17 through Sunday, September 19.

The current line-up includes the following bands:

Cornmeal, Marco Benevento Trio, Papadosio, That 1 Guy, The Ragbirds, Digital Tape Machine, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Mountain Standard Time, The Werks, Cosmic Railroad, Dead Winter Carpenters, Jaik Willis, Ladymoon, Midwest Hype, Chicago Farmer, Steez, EP3, The Malah, Andreas Kapsolis & Goran Ivanovic Guitar Duo, The Coop, MC Sparkplug, Catch Curtis, Remington Pettygrove, Alanna Fugate, Didgy Slacker, Megan Maudlin, New Old Cavalry.

Several additional bands will join the line-up for the 2010 Wuhnurth Music Festival and will be announced in the coming weeks.

Tickets are available at, with a limited number of early-bird tickets priced at $30 for a weekend pass. After the early-bird ticket period has ended, pre-sale tickets will be available on the website, as well, for a price of $50 for a weekend pass. Pre-sale tickets will soon be available at to-be-announced locations.

As the new home of Wuhnurth, Stable Studios gives the opportunity for great possibilities, accompanied by a 100 percent supportive atmosphere provided by the property owners.

Advantages of our new location include on-site shaded camping, an on-site recording studio allowing for once-in-a-life-time music collaborations and main stage roofing, keeping everyone safe should we experience any bad weather, allowing the shows to always go on.

The mission of Wuhnurth is to increase environmental awareness and encourage activism and goodwill, while promoting talented up-and-coming musicians. Upon the conclusion of the festival, a portion of the profits will go towards funding environmental initiatives throughout local communities.

Wuhnurth has more to offer than 40+ hours of music — workshops for musicians, contests, Hula Hooping lessons for all ages, morning meditation, environmental speakers and many other activities will be a part of this year’s festivities.

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