Another Forest Bites The Dust

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Bush & Dick are at it again... June was a busy month (even for this administration), as Bush, Dick, the Army Corps of Engineers, federal judges, the Forest Service, the Fish & Wildlife Service, the EPA, and the rest continued on their (war)path of doing more damage to our environmental protections than any other administration in U.S. history.

The latest and greatest; Bush's plan to cut back Clinton's roadless rule - opening the way for his logging & mining buddies to go to town on 58 million acres of our National Forests. As expected, Republican governors in many western states applauded Bush's plan, claiming its ideal land for development.

What I can't understand is their inability to look down the road 10, 20, or 50 years. George Bush, Dick "Oil Can" Cheney, and all these western Governors (including Colorado's very own Bill Owens) have children and many have grandchildren.  Surely they want to maintain our countries' national treasures for them? They must want to continue Teddy Roosevelt's notion of saving forests for wildlife and their sheer beauty?  I'm certain they want their grandkids to experience a hike through the Rocky Mountains - knowing there is wildlife afoot and they could have an opportunity to see some.  Hey guys, if we continue to invade wildlife's habitat with new roads, homes, & humans, there won't be any places left for them to be wild...

Why are Republicans always so interested in the short-term dollar? Our forests and our wildlife should not be up for sale. Their habitat can NEVER be replaced.  This discussion will be moot in 50 years if we don't do something now. We cannot continue to open forests to development...there isn't enough left.

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