BoomBox | Lost Ya | Review


Submitted by -Elliot Engebretson Mon, 01/14/2013 - 4:08 pm

Coming to a dance floor near you, an infectious new track by the electro-rock duo BoomBox, who is set to release their new album in the upcoming year. BoomBox is made up of producer/DJ Russ Randolph and singer/songwriter/guitarist Zion Godchaux, who have established themselves as one of the premier late-night acts in the festival circuit. Providing non-stop house grooves serenaded by the funky guitar riffs laid on by Zion, it’s almost impossible not get down and dance to these harmonic flavors. In fact, you may have heard of Zion’s parents Keith and Donna Jean who toured and preformed with The Grateful Dead from 1971 to 1979. It’s these historic rock roots mixed with modern age dance music that gives this duo such a unique and infectious sound.  Since the release of their first two albums, “Visions of Backbeat” in 2005, and “Downriverelectric” in 2010, BoomBox has been touring relentlessly and are now back in the studio to record their third album to date.

The first track off their upcoming album titled “Lost Ya,” provides us with that signature BoomBox sound, while keeping it psychedelically simple. As true with most BoomBox tracks, the bass line is smooth, funky, and the driving force behind the beat. Zion keeps the riffs uplifting and fresh, while the lyrics soar and spiral throughout the melody. “Lost Ya” feels like an indie-rock track on steroids, never getting increasingly loud or explosive but maintaining a calming, sooth vibe that will keep your body moving. In a cold, long winter this track is sure to bring the heat of festival season right to your speakers. It seems that bringing hippies and hipsters together is what BoomBox does best, and they have struck gold again with this new indie-dance fusion track. Look out for this new exclusive track and a brand-new album from BoomBox in 2013, and be sure to catch them at a local festival near you this upcoming summer.