Cachaca Jazz Featuring The Todd Marcus Jazz Orchestra


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"... one of the finest [CDs] to come out in late 2006.  Thank god I made time to listen to [the] disc among the ad nauseum cookie-cutter singer records I had to review. [The] music was a fabulous ear and brain cleaner. We dug the freshness of the approach...Truly refreshing in a world of sameness."   - - Linda Yohn, WEMU Music Director

"Todd Marcus shows a lot of promise with his exciting recording debut as a leader."  - - All Music

"[Marcus] was self taught as an arranger and player. In one respect you'd never guess this was the case, for his music is organized, balanced and mature. On the other hand, there is a fire, which resonates on this recording. His bass clarinet playing has an original sound, and his arranging has a style of his own…[The band's] energy is awesome and the ensemble has a bright future.  - - Rich Holland, Jazz Radio

"Marcus…brings a saxophonic rigor to the bass clarinet while also generating enough sonic power to front a nine-piece ensemble…With his melodic imagination and technical aptitude on an unorthodox horn, Marcus has something truly new and personal to offer."  - - David R. Adler, contributing writer, Jazz Times 

"Once you know who Todd Marcus is and what his music is you learn that you have found something special.  He writes beautiful music, and he and his orchestra have the magic touch…"  - - Music Monthly

"While the bass clarinet has been used often since Dolphy, it is typically used by a saxophonist or clarinetist as a second or third instrument…Very few performers have used the instrument exclusively, but one such performer is the Baltimore-based American musician and bandleader Todd Marcus."  - - Wikipedia

"Excellent bass clarinetist, composer."  - - Baltimore Sun

Cachaca @ 35 West 8th Street · Greenwich Village · New York, NY 10011 · 212.388.9099

Monday, November 3rd, sets at 10:30pm and midnight

Todd Marcus  (bass clarinet/compositions), 
Russell Kirk (alto), Jacob Yoffee (tenor), Lyle Link (alto/flute), 
Theljon Allen (trumpet), Alan Ferber (trombone), 
Joel Holmes (piano), Gavin Fallow (bass), McClenty Hunter (drums)