Dead Winter Carpenters Offer EP Dirt Nap to Public for Free

While continuing to build upon the buzz from their most recent release, Ain’t It Strange, Dead Winter Carpenters decided to treat fans to a new six-song EP titled, Dirt Nap, available for immediate download without charge.  Eight intensive days of recording sessions pushed Dead Winter Carpenters to new heights, highlighting each band member’s contribution on a wider scale.  The EP is available for free until January 7, 2014 under the ‘Pay What You Want’ model at

The band will host two release shows celebrating its newest project.  The first release show takes place in the band’s home town at the Crystal Bay Club in Crystal Bay, NV on December 14.  The second release show will be celebrated on January 10 at The Independent in San Francisco, CA.  Within Dirt Nap’s “rustic, mountain aesthetic” sound, Dead Winter Carpenters have created an EP they are proud of and excited to bring to the masses.   

According to the Dead Winter Carpenters' guitarist and vocalist, Jesse Dunn, “We’ve been playing these songs in varying degrees on the road, and they were gaining good response.  Spending time in the studio allows us to get our creative brains working in a completely different capacity, so we were able to give the music new life outside of the live format.”

More information on Dead Winter Carpenters can be found at  The Dirt Nap EP is available for free download at

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