Democrats Are Accountable Too

Maryland... wake up and vote for Donna Edwards!- for the Grateful Web

They're a problem. Democrats in Congress who vote with President Bush on the war. Who take checks from lobbyists. Who side with corporations instead of voters.

It's not enough just to fight Republicans— progressives need to make sure the Democrats we elect are on our side too.

Right now, in Maryland's 4th congressional district election, we have a great opportunity to replace a right-wing Democrat with a new progressive champion—and remind the rest of the Democrats in Congress that at the end of the day, the voters call the shots.


Rep. Al Wynn, the incumbent, loads up on corporate cash,1 and has voted with the President again and again—including his vote to authorize the war in Iraq.  Donna Edwards, the challenger, is a true fighting progressive who will go to Washington and take on the establishment. members who live in the district voted overwhelmingly to endorse Donna Edwards in the Democratic primary, and they've asked for our help.


Can you contribute $25 to help Donna Edwards win, and put all the other right-wing Democrats on notice? Click here:


This is a solidly Democratic district, and the person who represents it has a chance to be a voice of progressive reason for the whole Congress.


Donna Edwards is an activist and community leader. As the founder of the National Network to End Domestic Violence, she helped to pass the Violence Against Women Act. She's promised to demand an end to the war in Iraq, and to fight for health care and economic justice.


The incumbent, Rep. Al Wynn, has voted with Republicans on bankruptcy rules, the Estate Tax, energy issues, and other key votes. He's accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars in special interest campaign contributions and taken free travel and luxury trips paid for by lobbyists.3 And to top it all off, he voted to authorize the war in Iraq.


This week, MoveOn members in the district voted overwhelmingly to endorse Edwards: with six candidates running in the Democratic primary, Donna Edwards won the support of over 84% of local MoveOn members. As one member, Mimi B. from Silver Spring, wrote, "I was absolutely blown away by how clear-thinking and persuasive she is—she's the real deal, a true progressive."


Please help Donna Edwards, the first progressive primary challenger we're supporting in 2008.  Click here to help out her campaign:


Why not just put this energy into fighting Republicans? Because making sure the Democratic party fights on the big issues like healthcare and education is the best way to make sure voters side with Democrats.


When members were recently asked if should support primary challengers against Democrats who have sided with the President, 78% said yes. And that starts with electing progressive champions like Donna Edwards.

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