Disco Biscuits Mile High at the Ogden Theater


Submitted by -Philip Emma Wed, 01/26/2011 - 4:04 am

After tearing up Boulder, the Disco Biscuits moved their way a bit South to Denver before their big Mayan Holidaze gig in Mexico. Between their two shows at the Boulder Theater and their side bands shows at the Fox Theater, this state is starting to feel like the Biscuits hometown. After all, they keep hinting at it. We’ll just have to see.

This night’s show opened without a word melodically as kind of a surprise with the overtones of “7-11.” The many references to partying in the song set the crowd in a dance frenzy. Being in a photo pit is a huge bonus to not only get great pictures, but to get a whole feel of the band and crowd connection. “7-11” took the crowd to a spacey place, especially after they so smoothly gelled into “Floes.” One interesting fact about both of these songs is that they were both debuted in 2000 at a memorable show at the classic venue, The Wetlands Preserve in New York City before it so sadly closed its door for good.

“Floes” provided a really nice church organ sound by keyboardist Aron Magner, while the next song, “Uber Glue” started with a the trance keyboard space sounding tones. Although this song is pretty short, it may have been my favorite of the first set. I have been seeing the Disco Biscuits for years, and I have to say that I love the direction they have been going in within the last few years. This may be why I enjoyed “Uber Glue” so much. It is off of their newest album, Planet Anthem. They debuted this song at their Caribbean Holidaze in 2008 in Jamaica. Coincidentally, the Biscuits just completed their Mayan Holidaze run this year from Puerto Morelos, Mexico, which by pictures and setlists looked like a great time.

“Confrontation” came next, and it seemed to wake the crowd up a bit. The first part of this first set was pretty spacey. It was a great testament to the many sides that the Disco Biscuits truly have. The only knock to this set would be to the fans. Several people, mostly men, were wandering aimlessly through the crowd barely coherent by this time of the night and were hitting on any girl they saw in the sleaziest way possible. I heard complaints all night from girls about this. I even experienced it myself when I had to kick a guy out of our section because he was being such a creep. But, I do not go to any show for the fans. I go for the music. And music is what the Biscuits provide at a highly evolved technical level.

“Confrontation” so smoothly jelled into “I-Man,” which went unfinished and back into “Confrontation” to close the first set. I believe they finished “I-Man” this past weekend at Mayan Holidaze. This “I-Man” sandwich glided through the crowd with a sing-a-long and another amazing laser visual display by lighting designer Johnny Goode. There are even parts of his light show that you can actually hear the crowd oooh and ahhh. It usually has to do with the entrance of the lasers. The spread of the lasers gives off an image of an Alex Grey painting at times. It is an innovation in light shows for live music, and it is a one of kind color scheme and mixture balance, where even without lasers it is one of the best light shows in music.

The second set started with welcoming banter by bassist Marc Brownstein. After greeting and welcoming the crowd he expressed his love for playing at the Ogden Theater every January. He then said, “It always reminds me about the first time I got to tell you guys that we were playing at Red Rocks, a magical moment. And thus…” Then there was a pause, and guitarist, Jon “the barber” Gutwillig cut in to say, “I think what Marc is trying to say is that the best part is that when we get back here to this part of the show we get to make that announcement again this year.” Brownstein replied, “Every year, so with that we would like to announce our 3rd Bisco Inferno at Red Rocks Memorial Day weekend on Saturday night. And yes it’s true we are going to be joined by one Snoop Doggy Dogg and also by Rusko. A couple more acts that you guys love will be there too.” After Gutwillig sang a piece of Snoop, he promised some extra long sets.

With the crowd screaming in celebration of this great news, the band noodled for a bit and then fell into “Mirrors,” which they have been opening with a lot lately. This song has extremely romantic lyrics, which to me is its best attribute. It is about looking into your significant other’s eyes that are like a mirror, and suddenly you put yourself in the other’s dreams. It is about falling in love again, and seeing a future life with one another and having a love that will never fade. It is a beautiful song that gives you that warm fuzzy feeling.

Enough of the sap, and into the dark classical sounding composition of “Nughuffer” went the Biscuits next groove. In the very beginning of the song, Brownstein gave dialogue about his possible move to Colorado someday. He said, “A lot of talk that ‘Nughuffer’ is long overdue here in Colorado, considering the happenings of the last couple years here. I’d say I have to agree with most of you on that one. I saw some friends here, and they were asking me earlier today. When are you moving to Colorado? I’ve been hearing rumblings of you moving to Colorado. This is what I am gonna tell ya, the next time that I get arrested for smoking weed anywhere in this country, specifically back home in Pennsylvania, that’s when I’m moving to Colorado. So, I haven’t set a date, and I can’t say that I’m begging for it to happen, but I promise you that the next time that happens, I am packing all my shit up, and I’m just bringing it out here. I’ve been saying that a lot because I just love it here so much.” Then, Brownstein reggae rapped lyrics about going around this city and puffing. They then snapped into a dance party!

The rager of the night went into a thirty minute “Catalyst.” This was the meat for the “Nughuffer” sandwich that occupied most of the rhythms of the second set. I saw this whole concept story with this setlist. It was a very thoughtful setlist with the sentimental “Mirrors” opening the set, I imagined a couple dedicating themselves to one another. Then, the couple getting high and getting down with the “Catalyst” sandwich in “Nughuffer,” only to transition into more revelry with a “Cocaine” by Eric Clapton tease, then “We Like to Party” closing the set. The latter only played four times previous to this show. I pictured the couple partying again after their fun in the sack, and finally the encore, “Home Again.” What a night, literally and figuratively!

Since the Mayan Holidaze came to an end now, aside from a Conspirator tour and an m80 Dubstation show, the Biscuits do not have any shows announced until Bisco Inferno in May and July at their annual Camp Bisco Festival in Mariaville, NY. I know one thing is for sure though, Colorado will miss them a bunch until the Inferno.

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