Elephant Revival's New "Hello You Who"


Submitted by -United Interests Fri, 04/28/2017 - 11:02 am

Elephant Revival's performance of "Hello You Who" at Red Rocks perfectly captures Bonnie Paine's haunting vocals and intimacy with her cello, intertwined with scenes of intricate acrobatic performances by Colorado-based theatrical circus group Fractal Tribe. Watch "Hello You Who" here.

"Hello You Who" was written by Bonnie Paine and appears on Elephant Revival's studio album, Petals. “Hello you who moves with me in a dance/Hello you who moves me like the sea/…Who loves me love loves me just to be.” This hello is both a celebration of unconditional love and an invitation to join Elephant Revival in its wayfaring. This live video is the second to be released from Elephant Revival's first time headlining Red Rocks Amphitheatre in 2016. The first video released from this performance was of their song "The Garden," which can be viewed here.

Many of the songs I’ve written belong to a story I’ve been working on with my mom. “Hello You Who” is a part of the beginning of that tale. It is the recognizing and welcoming of a vast and unconditional love that opens the journey. I have hopes to someday perform the entire story, about 24 songs, with a symphony and dance performance. This has been a dream and a kind of imaginative game I’ve played since I was a very young child. To have gotten to play this piece with the real dance performance of the Fractal Tribe at such a phenomenal amphitheater as Red Rocks gave an exhilarating sense of many long-time dreams coming to fruition.” —Bonnie Paine
 Fractal Tribe’s talents, kindness, and aesthetic awareness is amazing! They work as a team to combine the best of all their skills, and they all shine so bright! Within this mutual curiosity, each show we share dives deeper in connection between their art and ours.” —Bridget Law