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what do you like better? Things...or Stuff?

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miss crocker,

you approach language like a contortionist does a straw - with grace, purpose and physical ingenuity. You never seem to take the easy way out, instead pursuing the marrow of experience. Throughout, my body is subject to the affects of your 21st century rhythmic irrythms - there's no experience like it.

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Lots of really innovative and beautiful imagery. I liked the world I was in while reading it. There were some sentences that jolted me out of that world however, there weren't many but I seem to have that jolt in other writtings of yours. If it is intentional I would want it to be more so, if it is not intentional then maybe you'll consider leaving certain images behind for use in another story. Really liked it though.

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i'm left of you, emily. very nice poem. big ups to the brooklyn redhead.

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I'm right with you, Emily