Flobots Announce Denver New Year’s Eve Show


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With their upcoming November 17th show at Denver’s Larimer Lounge already sold out, alternative hip-hop rock band Flobots announce a special hometown New Year’s Eve show at the Marquis Theatre with guests Pink Hawks. Flobots’ are currently on their RISE + SHINE Tour, in support of their recently released fourth album, NOENEMIES. The first leg of the RISE + SHINE Tour brings Flobots’ dynamic and politically charged live show through 20+ western U.S. cities including a sold-out show at Larimer Lounge, with leg two of the RISE + SHINE Tour, hitting the East Coast in early 2018, to be announced soon. Fans at all of the upcoming shows can expect to see Flobots’ high-energy live performance, with an even more amplified celebration as they ring in the New Year in Denver. The complete list of Flobots dates is included below, with tickets on sale now at www.flobots.com.

The RISE + SHINE Tour is Flobots’ call to action, set to remind us that the division and negativity that currently dominate the national conversation is not in the spirit of human nature – that our true potential is much more positive and welcoming. Flobots’ RISE + SHINE Tour offers the opportunity to elevate above the rhetoric and come together for a night of music and connection. Flobots state, “The music on our album NOENEMIES is about our power to see each other more fully. We find that there’s nothing better for the soul than meeting people face to face. We cannot wait to hit the road.”

Recently, Denver Comic Con exclusively premiered the video for Flobots’ new single “Quarantine.” Flobots’ Emcee Brer Rabbit created the video using footage from the 1988 classic Anime film Akira. Brer Rabbit, a fan of Akira creator Katsuhiro Otomo, discovered the movie as a teen from a bootleg VHS, which in his own words, changed his life forever. “The colors, the characters, the MUSIC, the message,” states Brer Rabbit, “Otomo painted a vision of the future in dark strokes, the constant clash for power, the eradication of information to control the narrative, how our monsters and heroes are homemade, and ultimately that children will be the ones who will have to pay the price.”  Seeing the parallel themes in Flobots’ song “Quarantine,” Brer Rabbit was inspired to “dust off my old Otaku chops and make an Anime music video.” He continues, “In times of division, vision is essential. We do not need to separate ourselves from one another. We need to set a perimeter around the parts of ourselves that deny other people's pain- to quarantine the part within that feeds on the ritual of ‘us versus them,’ of enemies. In the war against fear we are all on the same side.”

NOENEMIES (released May 2017) is, without question, Flobots’ most ambitious and sophisticated statement to date -  both lyrically and musically. Funded entirely by a Kickstarter campaign that garnered $31,000 over its goal, the music on NOENEMIES is undeniably Flobots music, but it’s also assuredly music made by artists who have matured and expanded their horizons. The release was highly-anticipated by fans and critics alike -- NOENEMIES shot up the Billboard Independent Album chart, where it debuted at #12.

Influenced by stories shared by the late Dr. Vincent Harding, a Southern Freedom Movement historian and professor and longtime band friend and mentor, and inspired by the band’s recent grassroots community work hosting workshops, classes and keynote speeches about using collective song to build social movements, NOENEMIES is a body of songs that speak to the urgency of the current moment.
Each of the tracks on NOENEMIES serves as a powerful, poignant new anthem, many packed with surprises both subtle and grand. Taken as a whole, the album is enormous in breadth, enveloping and electrically charged, befitting of the finely crafted, carefully chosen words. NOENEMIES virtually begs the listener to delve and to contemplate, to share and revel.
From the beginning, Flobots’ sound defied categorization. Weaving conscious hip-hop lyrics and classical viola solos over live instrumentation, their anthems captured attention from all directions. When Flobots first catapulted onto the global scene in 2008 with their platinum single ‘Handlebars’ from their first album release Fight With Tools, it was the fastest charting song debut by a new artist in 10 years. Released during the frenzy of that year’s election, the band’s call to envision “another America” resonated with a generation experiencing a sense of profound political and social awakening. In a span of months, Flobots went from playing at local clubs to selling out tours internationally, performing on late-night television, signing a major label record deal, and receiving constant rotation on alternative radio.
Now, a decade later and with three critically acclaimed albums under their belt, Flobots are still dedicated to creating and performing anthems for a better world. And in 2017, amidst a nation taking to the streets, for Flobots that means delivering a unique brand of protest songs. Enter NOENEMIES - bringing the songs back to the people.

Flobots on Tour


Gryphon Theatre w/ The Chroniklez

Laramie, WY


Larimer Lounge w/ Wesley Watkins and Grumpy Uncle

Denver, CO


The Mesa Theater w/ Zolopht

Grand Junction, CO


Urban Lounge w/ Scenic Byway

Salt Lake City, UT


Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas w/ Bang Data

Las Vegas, NV


The Green Room w/ Bang Data

Flagstaff, AZ


Club Congress w/ Bang Data

Tucson, AZ


Valley Bar w/ Bang Data

Phoenix, AZ


Winston's Beach Club w/ Bang Data

San Diego, CA


The Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen w/ Bang Data

Fullerton, CA


Roxy Theater w/ Bang Data

West Hollywood, CA


The Siren w/ Bang Data

Morro Bay, CA


Fulton 55 w/ Bang Data

Fresno, CA


Harlow's w/ Bang Data

Sacramento, CA


Catalyst Atrium w/ Bang Data

Santa Cruz, CA


Cornerstone Berkeley w/ Bang Data

Berkeley, CA


Mystic Theatre w/ Bang Data

Petaluma, CA


Humboldt Brews w/ Bang Data

Arcata, CA


Volcanic Theatre Pub w/ Bang Data

Bend, OR


Doug Fir Lounge w/ Bang Data

Portland, OR


El Corazon w/ Bang Data

Seattle, WA


HiFi Music Hall w/ Bang Data

Eugene, OR


Marquis Theatre w/ Pink Hawks

Denver, CO