Frank Zappa Plays The Music Of Frank Zappa--A Memorial Tribute

The ZAPPA FAMILY TRUST honors the American Composer’s “Signature Guitar Compositions” on iTunes.  Released on this year’s anniversary of FZ’s death (December 4), FRANK ZAPPA PLAYS THE MUSIC OF FRANK ZAPPA--A MEMORIAL TRIBUTE features the classic recordings of “Watermelon In Easter Hay,” “Black Napkins” and ”Zoot Allures,” as well as the earliest versions from the Vault at the time of the original CD release in 1996 (still available from Barfko-Swill).  It was one final wish of the Composer that these not be performed by anyone else; Dweezil Zappa is the sole exception with respect to the latter two works.

This marks the first time the Zappa Family Trust has announced the significance of this Compilation.  In the liner notes for the digital release of FRANK ZAPPA PLAYS THE MUSIC OF FRANK ZAPPA--A MEMORIAL TRIBUTE, Gail Zappa explains how this project came to be:  “Many people have asked why FZ’s gravesite remains unmarked.  How is it possible that a mere stone, a stele, a tablet, a monolithic memorial marker could possibly serve proper notice of the existence of this man.  This Human who is no longer Being.  This is his mark. These 3 Guitar Songs.  They are forever fixed in the now of the anytime you want to hear them.  HERE.”

Each whole download of FZ Plays the Music of FZ comes with a complimentary personal Imperial Moustache Kit--with warnings to suit and appropriate instructions for both ladies (“Congratulations! You look nothing like FZ, except for the moustache”) and gentlemen (“Tweezers are the only utensil in strict compliance with the Moustache Ordinance 12.21.40 which states that, among other things, anyone who wishes to mimic the appearance of Frank Zappa must remove moustachial hairs in the most painful method possible”).

All of these original recordings were produced by Frank Zappa and the compilation was produced by Dweezil Zappa.

Frank Zappa, American Composer, fl. 1940 - 1993.

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