GRiZ | Rebel Era | Review

I’ll keep this one short and sweet, let y’all enjoy the record for yourselves—and it’s a tight one, trust me.

First, though, a little background’s in order for anyone new to our man behind the Rebel Era LP. GRiZ (alias of producer, DJ, and—yes—classically-trained saxophonist Grant Kwiecinski) is a young buck at twenty-three, but his sound is already somethin’ else. Following up his debut set, Mad Liberation, with the funky-electric Rebel Era, the indie jockey’s starting to make some noise with his rounds.

And, apparently, there’s an impetus to the sound. GRiZ elaborates:

In a time where words and phrases like the occupy movement, personal freedom, the NSA, riots, elections, and war are on the tips of everyone’s tongues, I can feel a shift in global energy. This is a time where classism and competition is tearing a rift in society. A time where imperialist democratic capitalism is fighting its way to dominate cultures and separate people into selfish consumers. A time where people are turning against the powers that be and are speaking out against these values. A time that is inspiring people to seek change. It’s the time that we live in, an age that we created...

... But—(and I’m paraphrasing the rest of the snippet here)—this album’s gonna change all that.


To be honest, I could care less about Kwiecinski’s politics, but the kid’s record sounds like the bangers that Pretty Lights was churning out back in the spinner’s underground glory days—think funk, soul, dub-intrinsic wobbles n’ drops, and a hip-hop undertow that’s nearly impossible not to get swept up by immediately. Toss the woodwind player’s masterful, jazzy sax atop the pile, and these tracks combust, spontaneous and blazing ‘til the smoke clears. It’s wild.

There’s really not a weak spot to be found on Rebel Era from start to finish, so I won’t do a track-by-track run-through; just go and load up the mix—whether you’re looking to chill, cruise, or get down Saturday night style, this one’ll hit the spot. Scout’s honor.

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