Haroula Rose New Single & PledgeMusic Campaign for 2013 CD

Haroula Rose readies her forthcoming 2013 full-length, Here The Blue River, which is being produced by lauded singer-songwriter Jim White and Zac Rae (Pedestrian, Sara Lov, The Early Winters). Rose is currently running a PledgeMusic campaign to raise funds for the release. She’s also releasing a new  single entitled “Time’s Fool”, which is genuine Haroula – showcasing her sublime vocals and songwriting skills.

Along with her music, Rose just finished working on a short film entitled No Love Song starring Rosanna Arquette, Daniel Ahearn and herself. The film is about two musicians who were in a band and relationship together and after an excruciating breakup have to write one last song. Co-written by Evan Endicott and Rose, it was directed Joselito Seldera, with original music by Ahearn and Rose.

Haroula released a video for the album's title track "So Easy". The video replicates several legendary scenes from The Beatles' career including "HELP!," "Hide Your Love Away," "Strawberry Fields Forever," "Can't Buy Me Love," and more.

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