Jenny and The Mexicats' "Mar Abierto" Out Now


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It has been two years since the release of OME, Jenny and the Mexicats second album (their self titled debut came out in 2012, earning them a Los Guilles award in the Best World Music or Musical Hybrid category). Reviews called the album “refreshing,” “unique” and “seamlessly weaving all the genres together,” making it well received by both fans and critics alike. The band spent over two years on the road performing their distinctive hybrid of pop, folk, rockabilly and flamenco music, and has now reconvened to on album number three, Mar Abierto, out now. Available here >>

Jenny and the Mexicats came together via unusual circumstance. British singer and trumpet player Jenny Ball, a born performer, began playing music at age 7.  At 18, she was touring Spain as part of an Orchestra when she met bassist Luis Díaz “Icho.” Staying in touch, they had grand musical dreams but no plans. Two years later, Jenny decided to move to Spain on a whim, although she spoke not one word of Spanish and still didn’t have a plan. Hooking up with flamenco guitarist Alfonso Acosta “Pantera,” who had been in a rockabilly band with Icho, the threesome recruited famous Cajon player David Gonzalez, a friend of Icho’s for percussion. Sensing Jenny’s urge for adventure, not to mention her talent, the Mexicats knew they had something very special on their hands. Rehearsing for two months, their first gig was a UK Festival, resulting in a big buzz on this “cool band that played a crazy hybrid of seriously danceable Latin pop.” Jenny and the Mexicats were on their way.

When it came time to record their Mar Abierto, once again with producer Juan Garcia Alvarez, the band reunited at Valenzo Studios in Mexico City. While they understood the climate of the music industry, it was important to challenge themselves, deciding to write and record a concept album. “We've realized that with the change in the music industry, people pay attention to singles, focusing on one or two songs. We are all fans of hearing an album from start to finish, where one song ends and you start humming the next track before it even begins. We have found a way to connect all the songs on this record, with a running theme throughout.”

The recording process is now fine-tuned, with each band member knowing his or her strength. “Jenny writes the music in English, normally with the guitar. She adds Anglo melodies and trumpets to group compositions. Recently, David has been playing the guitar, even though he’s the drummer, and writes songs in Spanish. Pantera comes in with hooks on flamenco guitar, experimenting with different styles. Sometimes we write apart, sometimes we write together, but we always strive for something great.” Lead single and stand out track, "La Diabla" was release on February 3. Jenny caught up with Univision to talk about the new single, "La Diabla" and the new release Mar Abierto. Check out the interview here.

All of the band members agree they’ve matured as musicians with the help of constant touring, and felt like getting back to the Studio was a reward for all their hard work. “It’s like a prize after so much time on the road to get to go back in the studio and create something new, something up to date and something that represents us 100%.”

As much as they’re enjoying their time in the Studio, they’re already excited to present this new album to their fans. “Our shows are always a blast, and as much fun as we have in the Studio, nothing compares to a live show. We will start our tour in UK, before moving on to Germany, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and US. We are truly excited about this album and feel that 2017 is going to be a great year for us. Making a conceptual album has always been a dream, and we are all excited and proud.” US tour dates below.

US Tour Dates:

  • Apr 06 - Korova - San Antonio, TX
  • Apr 07 - Travis County Expo Center - Austin, TX
  • Apr 08 - Continental Club - Austin, TX
  • Apr 13 - Nectar Lounge - Seattle, WA
  • Apr 15 - Dante's - Portland, OR
  • Apr 21 - MIM Music Theater - Phoenix, AZ
  • Apr 22 - Club Congress - Tucson, AZ
  • Apr 27 - Fitzgeralds - Houston, TX
  • Apr 29 - The Farmers Market - Dallas, TX
  • May 03 - Moxi Theater - Greeley, CO
  • May 04 - The Goosetown Tavern - Denver, CO
  • May 05 - Paradise Theatre - Paonia, CO
  • May 06 - Mesa Theatre - Grand Junction, CO