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Hoy hoy Jen:

Nice pics! I was bummed it ended so quickly.

WOWZERS! I didn't know I was a star! You are a fine shutterbabe but I must say I do photograph well. In your shot of beads, I'm the green one top right.

Your subject is fake city! I can't believe you made him the center of this otherwise great photo! That brown exterior is dye! And that 'other' green one to browny's right? A poser all the way! Practically lives at her doctor's office in Rio. She's not only had her sphere lifted twice, she owns stock in Beadtox. That's not the end of it. She broke up with her necklace who ran away with a bracelet and never got over it. The bimbead got on drugs and she's been strung out so long, she's actually made of PLASTIC!!! And what a sleazebag. I've never seen the tramp without her lovelight on even when it looks like rain! She's so loose her surgeon in Rio has done her hole three times. Why do you think she's trying to get close to the black one. He's about the only thing that can fulfill her at this point.

I hope you weren't fooled by her facade. If you ever want to get real, give me a call. I'm the Don Steele real deal schlameel. And I can prove it; zoom in on me. I look like hell in a bucket up close in the morning dew.

Thanks for the exposure anyway.

Maybe I can use it to get cast as a double for Joe Peschi's beady eye in Beadfellas II.


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