Jimmy Herring vs. George McConnell


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@ wes

@ wes

that's not emotion, that's guitar wankery. look at the rest of the band - they're disinterested. herring is certainly a talented musician but frankly, panic is boring. herring is the only reason to see that band and he's starting to sound so much like jeff beck that i often catch myself thinking beck is on stage with them. their songs are quirky with weird chord progressions, the keyboardist is garbage, the percussionist is even worse, and everybody else is "meh." jb's voice is kind of cool but it's almost gimicky.

seriously: the people i know that LOVE widespread panic are all tone deaf.

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Will, you must not have ears, or you haven't a clue about widespread panic. You saw them once opening for the allmans, thats great, but I suggest you check out whats really going on. This is a band thats been around almost 25 years. They tour constantly, and have a catalog of about 300 plus songs. Get on youtube and listen to them on their channel. Jimmy herring is the best of all time, obviously you haven't really heard much of him or his abilities. I suggest you look him up on youtube as well. As for the band showing no emotion, I have seen all the greats, from zeppelin to the stones, and allman bros, I have never seen or felt so much emotion from a band in my life. Here is a little bit of emotion for you: check out: http://www.youtube.com/user/WidespreadPanicMusic#p/search/1/6Xi_Y9iEQDo -- (6:57= raw emotion)

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They are not for everyone Will, that is for sure. And not every show is a winner. But you can't deny the talent. At least you gave them a shot...thanks for the comment!

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WP / Jimmy Herring

I saw WP open for the Allman Brothers in Dallas in October and I was very disappointed. At best, they sound like a college bar band. Jimmy Herrings solo's were boring and most of the jams were noodle exercises that wandered aimlessly away from the songs original structure. Jimmy Herring sounds like a music school student practicing his scales. There is no emotion. In fact, one of my problems with their sound is they never express any heart felt soul but instead come off sounding like a bar band practice session. I have tried for 10 years to like this band, but I don't hear anything that makes them live up to their hype.