Krooked Drivers will release new EP's this Winter


Submitted by -Krooked Drivers Mon, 01/04/2016 - 5:28 pm

Donnie Dalbora and Maddy O’Neal of Krooked Drivers plan to release a series of two six track EP’s this February/March. The first of the two “Time Is Never Lost” is a perfect fit to launch you into 2016 as it truly takes you on a journey through time. Marking KD’s 5th album relesase aside from their popular beat-tapes you can truly hear the evolution of sound. With a focus on analog synthesis and warm vocals that hit striaght to the emotional core TINL is a brilliant blend of both “hype” and ambient - a hard combination to master.

“Time Is Never Lost is really a representation of a year and a life full of all of the ups and downs we all experience,” KD said, “We tried to capture as much of that range of emotion from our own experiences with this release. As the world keeps on turning, the time you spent and the knowledge gained from each of those experiences will never be lost- it just helps you get to that next step in your life.”

Every artist strives to reach that next platform in creativity and vision with each release. With these next two EP’s it is clear in listening that KD has reached that next plateu with their artform - something cohesive and beautiful to listen to while chilling at home with friends yet innovative enough to get you moving in a live setting.

Tour Dates 2016:

1/14- Vail CO @Samana Lounge

1/15 - Colorado Springs @Rawkus

1/19 - Dallas TX @Sundown at Granada

1/22 - Austin TX @Empire Control Room

2/5 - Iowa City IA@Blue Moose

2/6 - Fayetteville AR @Ryleighs

2/12 - Tucson AZ @Gem and Jam Festival

2/20 - Telluride CO @Fly Me To The Moon Saloon