Laugh Your Asheville Off Returns in August


Submitted by -Kelly Denson Tue, 06/27/2017 - 12:02 pm

The Southeast’s largest comedy festival celebrates eleven years in Asheville this summer with stand up comedians from all around the world. Since its first two day festival in 2006, The Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival (a.k.a. The Asheville Comedy Festival) has grown into one of the country’s most prestigious comedy festivals among both comedians, comedy industry professionals and fans.

The four day festival will be showcasing over 50 of the nation's funniest comics in the industry today. These comics flock into town to turn the heads of the audiences, major TV network executives, casting agents, talent bookers, and comedy club owners that have traveled to the festival to discover comedians in an atmosphere designed to set the performers up for success.

"The festival has nurtured its reputation for being very comic and comedy industry friendly by staying true to what we believe a comedy festival should be... FUNNY, classy, informative for the performers and comfortable for everyone from our comics all the way to our audience.  We don’t complicate winning.  We put high value on production detail because that’s what we would want from a big comedy show.” said Charlie Gerencer, festival Executive Producer/Director and production company executive.

Every year, Asheville is given a front row seat to see comedians from all around the world first. Many festival alums have gone on to great success including booking television and movie roles such as Seaton Smith (from the 7th year) who found himself in a supporting role on Fox’s Mulaney with David Spade. The 8th year’s headliner Chris Monty was in Mall Cop 2. And most recently, Chris Roach, who has become the breakout star in Kevin James'  sitcom "Kevin Can Wait" airing on CBS.

And it’s no wonder so much talent makes its way on to the Laugh Your Asheville Off stages. Los Angeles based Event Producer, Charlie Gerencer, is a comedy business veteran. Charlie has a full time career as head of comedy television development for Pygmy Wolf Productions in Los Angeles where he manages the company in a working development deal with Lionsgate.

Some of Charlie's previous works include producing NBC's Last Comic Standing seasons 1-3, Mohrsports on ESPN, Comedy programming for Viacom, TruTV, Kevin Hart's LOL streaming network and many more. While actively producing comedy television he also dedicates a large amount of time to seeking out new comedic talent for potential development on the big screen.

The Schedule

August 9, 8pm, Highland Brewing, $20
The festival kicks off at Highland Brewing featuring a huge lineup of comics from all over the country and special guest Rich Vos closes out the show with his no-holds-barred style of comedy.

August 10, 8pm, Diana Wortham Theatre, $20
The festival moves over to The Diana Wortham Theatre for an eclectic lineup of hand selected comics that will feature closer Tammy Pescatelli who brings her brassy sexiness and female voice of witty sarcasm to the stage.

Friday, August 11, 8pm, Diana Wortham Theatre, $20
Named one of Comedy's Most Though Provoking Comics by The Black Comedy Awards and also a "Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore" breakout star Mike Yard will close the evening following a stellar comedy lineup.

Saturday, August 12, at 8pm, Diana Wortham Theatre, $20 
This evening will feature a huge lineup of comics from all over the country in a festival blowout extravaganza.