Lee MacDougall "If Walls Could Talk" Tour Starts February 25th


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Admin of the "Freunde von Lee MacDougall" page on Facebook

PS: You want more information about Lee MacDougall? Check out our German fansite with English-translation:


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Admin of the "Freunde von Lee MacDougall" page on Facebook

I can't wait to hold this cd in my hands. So excited! I'm looking forward to his Europe-Tour in May. Hope, I'll see him again. He has an absolute stage presence. To see him live will blow you away. So don't miss your chance!

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Very excited about all the recognition he's getting for his music, he's a great artist and and even more amazing guy...his music for me it's like a well deserved rest at the end of an hard working day ... it really gets me in the right mood and manage to bring a smile upon my face .
i cannot wait for him to come to Italy... we're gonna love it, he's gonna love it
Oh and cannot wait for that CD :P

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How can I describe Lee MacDougall's music? His songs are tastefully made, deceptively understated, with insightful lyrics. He can create a whole life story in a few well written phrases singing in his smooth expressive voice. Lee sings with sincerity and character full of heart felt music honesty. You will laugh, you will cry and you will sing along with this minstrel's life experience-laced songs. He is the type of artist who will be around for a long time. Do not miss the opportunity to feel privileged to have heard a superb live performance.

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Can't Wait!!

Can't wait to get Lee MacDougall's cd in my hands! His EP from iTunes has the highest song count on my ipod. Seeing him live is going to be one of the highlights of 2011!

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24 more days til my friends and I get to finally see Lee! So very excited for him (and for us)! CD artwork looks great! Be sure to check him out - he is amazing! ~ Maria

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I'm very excited for Lee's upcoming tour and plan to see him a couple times. I'm also really glad there is a new cd coming. I have the ep from iTunes and it's in constant rotation, but I could use more songs! Thank you. ;D