Live Webcast of Cast of Clowns -10/30/08 - Archive Available Soon!

Cast of Clowns- for the Grateful Web

The Grateful Web did a webcast of the Cast of Clowns' 10/30/08 show at the Wow Hall in Eugene, Oregon.   We'll have the archived video available for you soon.  Check out some of our past webcasts including: Kimock, Hot Buttered Rum, Donna the Buffalo, and Dark Star Orchestra.

LATEST:  Archived Video/Audio will be available in the next few days!

The Cast of Clowns is an original psychedelic jam band featuring the talents of veteran San Francisco and Ashland musicians Greg Anton, Jeff Pevar, Melvin Seals and Craig Wright. The band was the Friday headliner on Main Stage at the year's Oregon Country Fair.

Cast of Clowns play free-flowing jams with mixes of rock, blues and jazz. The songs include new originals by Greg Anton and Robert Hunter, as well as material composed by songwriter and story writer Craig Wright, old Jerry Garcia Band and Zero favs, and some surprises along the way. The band tries to vary the set list every night. Wright and Pevar do most of the vocals.

Jeff Pevar has been the go-to guitarist for a list of acts too long to list - Ray Charles, Jazz Is Dead, Crosby Stills and Nash, and Phil and Friends are some examples. Greg Anton founded The Heart of Gold Band with Keith and Donna of The Grateful Dead and Steve Kimock. This band morphed into Zero, a band which featured many legendary players such as John Cippolina and Martin Fierro, and the songs of Anton and Grateful Dead lyricist, Robert Hunter. Zero has a long history at the WOW Hall, most recently a sold-out show in November, 2006.

Thanks for your support.

Video production support by  Thanks Josh!

The Grateful Web

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dennis's picture

Hey Now Boys,

Great job onna da webcast last night. I tried to send a message to you as an update on the sound quality that was coming through the stream as a bit distorted but was unable to load the page to leave the comment on. But I tried for you!!

The bass and volume were "FULL" so don't be afraid to send the stream out at a bit lower level on the volume/high end. We have much room to increase that on our receiving end of the stream.

Don't get I wrong now it was awesome to see this webcast and I totally enjoyed it and say "MUCH RESPECT" to you and Thank You for your hard work!!!

I will be donating to your site on payday to show my appreciation!! I'm 56 and lived in SF, Ca. from 76-89 so you just brought my old backyard back to life for me and it sounded great for sure.

I used to go see all those guys all the time down der!

Your webcast excitement is probably going to get my ass on the road from Salem to catch them at the Vets Hall tonight?? I have heart failure these days so energy level is everything and I think I will have it tonight?? Gas being 2.50 rather than 4.50 helps as well!!

Hope to shake your hands sometime?


dennis's picture

Also I was wondering if you have that NRPS webcast from the WOW last year is archived anywhere to watch again?

I watched some of the DSO you did before last nights show and it sounded and looked great as well.

THANK YOU for that one to!!!



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