Love Crushed Velvet New Album Delusions Available Now

Love Crushed Velvet has released their new EP, Delusions, today! Mixed by Mark Needham (Blondie, Fleetwood Mac, The Killers), the album channels emotional turmoil through muscular, postpunk aggression, showing off exceptional emotional and stylistic range. The album is now available on iTunes, here:  You can also check out a full stream of Delusions, on MSN Music's Listening Booth, here:

Love Crushed Velvet's Delusions is a powerful force that touches upon the complications of love, fame and our global society. The EP begins right at the apex, with its premiere single "Revolution Time"capturing an unyielding spirit of upheaval inspired by the personal experiences and perspective of A.L.X..  The track exclusively premiered on Artist Direct, here:  Love Crushed Velvet maintains the unwavering strength of a revolution high throughout the entirety of Delusions.

Channeling influences from Joy Division, U2 and The Rolling Stones, Love Crushed Velvet blends alternative, glam and classic rock into a contemporary sound that retains a strong sense of melody and edge. Complementing its virtuoso recordings with a compelling live show that is reminiscent of the glory days of rock and roll, Love Crushed Velvet has carved out a unique place in today's music world, paying homage to the past while remaining firmly grounded in the present. 

The highly anticipated release of Delusions will cement the band's place in the world of dark, melodic rock. Driven by lead singer/songwriter A.L.X., Love Crushed Velvet shows off exceptional emotional and stylistic range in lyric and musicality. A.L.X explains, "When we set out to record Delusions, our goal was to create a sound that demonstrated a natural evolution from the postpunk/classic rock influences of our debut album. While attempting to maintain some of the darker elements that are the essence of Love Crushed Velvet, a lot of focus went into crafting a sound that was 'rock', but not necessarily in the classic sense. With the lyrical content of the new songs, we really tried to dig deep and delve into uncomfortable territory."

Love Crushed Velvet releases Delusions, today, September 24th!  You can purchase the album on iTunes, Here:

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