Maho Bay


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Oh, memories!

Thanks forthe great story. I lived there for one year in 1995 and have not been back since. I live there again through stories like this. It is truly a magical place!

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Wonderfully written! Your descriptive narrative brought back great memories of my 9 days at Maho in June, 2005. I chuckled at your "slippery when wet" mishap as I almost killed myself coming back from the bathhouse one rainy night!

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Great reading Johnnierain! Now that we have gotten to know each other pretty well, you should take that trip to Tahiti with me, another great adventure waiting to be written.

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thanx for the detailed journey of the island.

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Such a neat story. I could picture everything you encountered. Sounds like an absolutely beautiful place. You are a good writer to say the least!

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Thank you for taking the time to share your incredible trip with me!

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After reading this wonderful story I must get to the island, I have been to St Croix, a long time ago but I slept on a navy destroyer, I think this would be a great deal more enjoyable. It would be nice to be a lizard eating a moth, much nicer than being a moth eaten by a lizard. A wonderful piece of writing, write more.