'MAU50100: STROBE REMIX' deadmau5 Remix


Submitted by -MSO Sat, 09/24/2016 - 10:57 am

With its soothing rhythm, "Strobe" is one of the most beloved tracks from Canadian electronic music producer deadmau5's repertoire. Originally released in 2009 on his classic album For Lack Of A Better Name, the song reemerges today in multiple remix form for MAU50100, officially marking the 100th release for deadmau5mau5traplabel.

Only a select number of producers have put their touches to "Strobe" up until now including Plump DJs, DJ Marky & SPY and Michael Woods, whose remix appeared on 2014's retrospective album 5 years of mau5. For MAU50100, mau5trap presents give more from Feed Me, Com Truise, Dimension, Lane 8 and ATTLAS with each producer making it their own.

Listen: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqJDCdYET6JvpVfzVqu4n8TX2tZJV_R-u
Buy Link: http://smarturl.it/stroberemixes

Wrote Will McCarthy of Dancing Astronaut (9/9/16) on Divergent's remix, "The producer leaves most of deadmau5's production intact, commencing with a somewhat abbreviated introduction before moving into a drop which places a slight modification of the original synth-work atop a smooth drum & bass rhythm."

Kat Bein of Billboard (9/21/16) noted, "This is some cinematic sh-t, right here. We thought Feed Me's remix of deadmau5 favorite "Strobe" would be something harder and faster than the original perhaps, something with some monster teeth. In that respect, we weren't let down, but we were also given so much more. It opens into a steady build that finds quick resolution in a funky, glitchy take on the well-known musical themes. The energy increases, and then we take a sudden turn, as if walking through a haunted hallway only to run head-first into a beautiful garden oasis."

"We love Com Truise over at Mixmag and his slo-mo strain of synthwave is an intergalactic view into the future. He's turned 'Strobe' into a sumptuous roller, one that's packed with glitzy synths and robotic grooves, enough to garner plaudits from the mau5," adds Funster of Mixmag (9/19/16).

1. Strobe (Feed Me Remix)
2. Strobe (Com Truise Remix)
3. Strobe (Dimension Remix)
4. Strobe (Lane 8 Remix)
5. Strobe (ATTLAS Remix)