Nick Miller & the Hustle Standard: The Brave Abraham Judah

The date and location is unknown, all that is certain is that The Brave Abraham Judah walks the Earth. This six track concept album by Nick Miller & the Hustle Standard follows the fictional Abraham Judah as his spurs spin and his brow furrows. Released on August 14, of this year and peaking at the eight spot on the itunes Blues chart, you need to hear this tale.

I was sold on The Brave Abraham Judah from the start. The idea of following a character as he walks bowlegged and battered across the country was so creatively intriguing I was prepared to be disappointed. However, the surprising treat of this album is not the journey of Abraham Judah, but that Nick Miller & the Hustle Standard has a refined blues-rock sound. We start with The Ghost, our first peak into Abraham Judah’s world and it holds hooks that bend into an unyielding energy. Each track surpasses the next as we follow Judah through cemeteries, ghost towns, and river banks.    

Unfortunately, the development of the story behind Abraham Judah is lacking. Every song is a snapshot into his world, but they are never tied together into his tale. Judah does partake in all kinds of badassary, however, the audience is left wondering why.  Without the story line The Brave Abraham Judah is just badassary for badassary’s sake.

Still this six track concept album is an impressive project come to life. Nick Miller & the Hustle Standard creatively pieced this album together and if you have the opportunity to see it live, it will not disappoint.

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