Ono Premieres "Hell In Paradise 2016"


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YOKO ONO continues her nearly 16-year long love affair with electronic dance music with her incendiary club single “HELL IN PARADISE 2016” (PART 1).  Currently #18 on the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart (Issue date: 12/17/2016) – alongside hits from THE WEEKND, BRUNO MARS, ARIANA GRANDE, PET SHOP BOYS, RIHANNA and EMPIRE OF THE SUN -  the searing call to arms is the first official single from ONO’s critically-acclaimed remix collaborations album YES, I’M A WITCH TOO (out now on Manimal Group), which includes productions by MIIKE SNOW, DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE, TUNE-YARDS, PETER BJORN & JOHN, MOBY, SPARKS, PORTUGAL THE MAN, DANNY TENAGLIA and more.

Issued as two separate digital maxi singles via Mind Train/TWISTED Records, “HELL IN PARADISE 2016” (PART 1) is OUT NOW EXCLUSIVELY on iTunes, featuring mixes by UK DJ/production duo CAMELPHAT (aka Mike Di Scala and Dave Whelan), Grammy winner DAVE AUDÉ, ALYSON CALAGNA, PAGANO and KUE.

The song is taken from ONO’s politically-charged 1985 opus STARPEACE. The galvanizing song featuring sweltering powerhouse backing vocals by NONA HENDRYX, BERNARD FOWLER and YOLANDA LEE LEWIS captures the tension and nihilism of both the turbulent 1980’s, with its Cold War and AIDS, and today’s world, with international terrorism and global political upheaval run amok.

It’s another slice of thought-provoking and socially-conscious dance music from the singular “Mother of Cool” who has had 12 Billboard #1 dance singles and four more top 10’s.

It's another slice of thought-provoking and socially-conscious dance music from the singular “Mother of Cool".

Co-Executive Producer and Mind Train label head Rob Stevens, who's worked with ONO on the entire series of dance remixes, says: “ONO's prescience, her ability to see decades into the future, is stunning.  She then welcomes Grammy-winning and internationally renowned remixers to take her lyrics and vocals and turn them into thrilling contemporary works resulting in 12 Billboard #1 dance singles and four more top 10's." He continues: "Check out just one verse from ‘Hell In Paradise 2016’ and you can’t deny how strikingly relevant it is to what's happening in our country and in our world right now: ‘When will we come to realize we're all stoned or pacified while the boogie men organize their multilevel schemes' And the clubs, with their forward thinking, taste making DJ's, who continue to fight hard to make sure that their chart isn't just another pop chart wannabe, have always been welcoming and supportive, as evidenced by her success there."