The Porchlight Prophecies

Porchlight Prophecies- for the Grateful Web

                               By Dustin Smith


                     Book III: The Ivory Basins of the Quintlight


2. Thunder from the Throne Basin and the Journey to Basin Major


Never the nearer,            the Great Being went North

The spider, spun crumpled,   his spirit wrecked.

Janice with joy              jumped to his tail fins

And scuttled his scales,     scraping the floor,

Ice cold from the            corners and crooks

Of the sheer walls           of wicker and black work.


The Great Being              belted a belch from the sky

And sat in the North         on a seat with a sigh.

Thunder then rose,           a thorny sound clapped.

The echo enchanted           the Great Being's ego.

A stench startled            and stained the Ivory Basins.

The smell smoldered          and smote the two companions,

Nearly knocking the life     of Octavian to Nevermore.

The face of the Being        feigned frolic and cheer

For the thunderous fog       and fright would not disappear.


But Janice ignored this,     sending spells for the spider

To lift himself, healed,     to the hearth of the basins.

Drifting and diving,         the spider defied gravity.

Arctic blasted chill         dared effort from gripping

Heavily ice's jolting        kick, licking moments, never                                            Octavian

Pondered quietly,            realized soon the utter                                                 violence

Wound xylophonically,        yearning zenith.


The spider caught concern    from the Great Being's crouch.

Suiting, squid-like fingers  squishing a line,

The Being assumed the beast's beat to the bathtub

The Spider's retreat received less than the reach

For the Being's hand covered a white cloud of paper.

Down went the white mesh     to the white mouth of the                             


And Octavian etched          underneath the ice claw.

Janice hovered asunder       and thunder rose again

From the Being,              feeling the froth to his throne.


Magic, mental and majestic,  guided the two,

Traveling treacherously      from the Being's trickery

And into the largest lever   of basin white lily work.

Dancing down the sides       of spider's assumed doom

Into the hole,               the whole world put on hold 


The spider could speak       of the spine tube beneath.

From the whispering wind     and dripping walls

A heat healthy, hidden,      filled the spider's fall.

His limbs lingered back      to their ruby red luster,

Mending miraculously         to their proper proportions.

Abdomen ascended             and filled with warm air,

His like turned to lust,     he descended the lair.

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