Quinell Releases Video "Space To Breathe"


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Pacific Northwest folk singer/songwriter Quinell [for fans of Noah Gundersen, William Fitzsimmons, Passenger] has been making a name for himself around his hometown, captivating audiences with his soulful voice and gut-wrenching emotional songwriting. Today, Quinell is thrilled to introduce his sound to the rest of the world, partnering with The Alternate Root for the exclusive premiere of his video for "Space to Breathe," a spine-tingling, emotional acoustic track about the end of a relationship, and the first video from Quinell's Village Hall Sessions . Directed by videographer Justin Frick and featuring violinist Erica Aamodt, the video's raw, live atmosphere perfectly captures the melancholy the song embodies. As Quinell states:

"The song, 'Space to Breathe', is written about the end of a relationship. That time in the relationship when one of the two involved decides they need some space and while you'd like to believe that there's still a chance, you know it's really over. As a student at Walla Walla University, my favorite building on campus was always "Village Hall". Now, as an alumni and a musician, I was very excited to be granted the opportunity to record a couple of my own songs in this beautiful building. What started out as a random idea to shoot a song in Village Hall has turned into the "Village Hall Sessions", something that I hope to continue coming back to for years to come.." - Quinell

Named after the Bob Dylan song, "The Mighty Quinn," Pasco, WA's indie folk artist Quinell was destined to be a singer/songwriter. Inspired by the lyrical prowess of Dylan and drawing from influences like Noah Gundersen, Jack Johnson, and The Black Keys, Quinell combines heartfelt lyrics with catchy melodies in a genre-bending fashion that the audience can't help but sing along to. Quinell's music sends a message of hope and love, connecting to personal life experiences that the audience can relate to. Funding his musical career through commercial fishing trips in Alaska, Quinell employs the lifestyle and feel of the Pacific Northwest that translates through his music. After teaching High School for a year right out of University, Quinell was captivated by music's ability to put words to music and touch someone's life and decided to quit teaching, going on to self-fund his first album. In 2013, Quinell released his self-funded debut album 'Til We're Free, featuring "Hooked on a Feeling," which was a finalist for the International Songwriting Competition.

Head over to The Alternate Root today to catch Quinell's gut-wrenching video for "Space to Breathe (Village Hall Sessions)." Follow Quinell on social media for new music, updates, and more.