Sun Deli in Boulder


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Hey Morgan. What is up with your staff???

Hey Morgan,
Sky B. here. I have supported your biz for five years and since I have moved to south Boulder (5 blocks past your "delivery zone") the only time I can get a delivery is when I speak to you. The kids you have working always give me a hard time. Mostly, they are apathetic and act like I am gum on the bottom of their shoe. I have tried many times to put money in your pocket, but I guess it's not good enough. Fuck it.

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Rude, Obnoxious, Clueless Idiots

Sun Deli is a dirty, smelly shit hole. the people who work there are rude and completely clueless. they might know how to make good pizza, but they don't make it. there pizza tastes like total crap. it seems all they do at this place is play bad music really loud and smoke cigarettes (and other things) outside. My advise is give your money to someone else.

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My Favorite Wine and Food Delivery

Sun Deli has always made me happy. They offer liquor delivery, delicious vegetarian and vegan food, and cheerful service. Tonight, an employee called me back to make sure my veggie calzone included vegan, not standard, pepperoni. In my experience, the food is great, the people care, the delivery is swift.:D

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Any chance you could ship two of those vodkas in a bong to me in Philadelphia for Xmas presents? Thanks for Chels' birthday present! I just cancelled her Flagstaff House reservation. She'll be snookered by 7! We'll be sure to stop in in December when Chels will FINALLY have completed 4+ years at UCB! Her sister Jake is there as well and gave us your name.

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I have been supporting SDL for many months now I have encouraged many of my friends to

also support a local pizza business. tonight I called in an order. the employee who took my order told me to please make sure i tipped well

because i was so far away. i live about 1 mile from SDL. I have always tipped at least 20% if not more because i wanted to support a local business. when i told her that not only was i just a mile away but had always generously tipped and that i was offended she laughed and mocked the fact that i had a comment...

i told her that i would shop elserwhere and she said "FINE" oh well... best wishes......CK

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JK is a douche. First off, they have two phone numbers. Secondly, Cosmos's is some greezy, sloppy seconds of a pizza place. I really hope "jk" stands for just joking -tool bag! What other place can someone name that has a FIVE dollar minimum for delivery's? What other place can you get a Red delicious and a bottle of jack delivered to you door? Not only is the staff some fucking awesome people; great environment, but have you seen the 1000 hour bathroom? Fuck you, JK. I think everyone is missing out if you don't check this one-of-a-kind deli/pizza/sub/liquor store out! FUCK YES, sun deli rocks!!!

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Whoa sun deli rocks!.... You have some pent up mommy daddy issues don't you? Look I grew up on Flatbush ave Brooklyn NYC, and this isn't close to whats good over there. You guys never had Pizza Colore on pearl or what? ...Everything hippie? come on!! you people need to loosen your hemp necklaces, turn down the jam bands, and lern how to cook some damn pizza. Look, all I'm saying is that Sun Deli Rocks! needs to relax a bit and have some respect for the other, better pizza joints around. Cool people behind the counter doesn't make up for shitty pizza.

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Great NY style pizza - definitely the best in the Front Range.

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we ate some yummy yum yum yum cheese pizza ther last night, it was awesome. we watched the pic of destiny on teh t.v.s. the staff was cool and they only charged us five bucks for a large pizza...shhhh....

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Their stromboli is one of my faves but the pizza possibly beats it being even more delicious if thats possible. The atmosphere is always friendly and punctual deliveries.

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i heard they now have vegan calzones in addition to vegan cheeze pizza - where else can you get that in boulder!

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I have tried 3 weeks ago on a thursday at 9:30 pm, they said they were closed for delivery (before I even knew what their hours were. Last Saturday at 8:30 no answer and tried for an hour, to no avail. And tonight since 7:30 to now (9:05pm) and no answer. All I can say is at least Cosmo's answers their phone.