Tori Amos' Transmission Galactic label / The Adventures Of...

Tori Amos has announced that the debut album, Top Hats and Scary Tales from The Adventures Of… will be the first album released on her recently launched record label Transmission Galactic.  

While Amos will continue to release her own current projects through Deutsche Grammophon/Mercury Classics , she will waste no time in making the grandiose and intricately executed album from The Adventures Of… available to the band's fans.  The album will be released immediately digitally and the UK based band will head to the states this summer for select tour dates.

The glammed-up indie-rock trio, The Adventures Of… scored the first signing to Tori Amos’ record label via a feat of utmost ingenuity. Upon learning that the multi-platinum, eight-time-Grammy-nominated pianist/singer/songwriter was seeking artists for the label, frontman Adam Hanington gathered repurposed leather, wood, and brass to handcraft, a book-like vessel that would hold the band’s demo CD and a letter to Amos.

Only two weeks later, the Devon, England-based band received word that their cabaret-inspired marriage of heavy rock and britpop had captured Amos’s attention.

“The idea to start the label came from my desire to support music and artists outside of the major label system. Giving them a platform for their music and their art, is a major focal point of the label.  When I was first introduced to The Adventures Of… it was clear that they were going to be my first signing. Adam’s ability to craft a story along with his natural showmanship were immediate.” Tori Amos

Industry vet and Transmission Galactic's General Manager John Witherspoon noted “From Tori’s unique leadership to our partnership with ADA and ADA Global, we have an outstanding team in place to launch Transmission Galactic’s debut project from The Adventures Of…”

With Mark Hawley in the producers chair, The Adventures Of... headed to his Martian Engineering Studios in Cornwall to begin recording their irresistibly twisted debut record.  The album even includes a guest performance by Amos herself, who lends a keyboard solo to the delightfully deranged track "Tears of a Paranoid Clown."  

“Complication,” the lead single from Top Hats and Scary Tales, reveals the band’s fierce vocals and frenetic guitars and begins to set the tone for Hanington’s serpentine storytelling and ornate arrangements.

Fans can click here for a first look at a video the band made for “Complication” as well as download two exclusive tracks ("Complication" and "Beggars Dawn”) from Top Hats and Scary Tales by simply 'Liking' them on Facebook: 

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