Umphrey's McGee Announces 2004 Archive Release


Submitted by Wed, 06/10/2015 - 10:59 am

On a crisp October day in 2004, we rolled into the Bay Area for our second show ever at the legendary Great American Music Hall. If you have ever set foot inside those hallowed halls, you understand the “if these walls could talk” feeling that permeates the room. Home to countless legendary performances from Sonny Rollins to the Grateful Dead, the energy is undeniable. Our excitement about that show returns today as we roll out the previously unreleased, re-mastered matrix recording from the vault.

The show featured the debut of “Great American,” with the venue appropriately serving as the song’s namesake. Phil Lesh dropped by and joined in on “Robot World,” as well as the first rendition of “Franklin’s Tower” since 1998. Throw in “Divisions” > “Glory” > “Divisions” and some humorous banter about Blue Öyster Cult and you’ve got classic UM.

This archival release is available exclusively via in a variety of digital formats including lossless options. We’ve pressed a special three-disc set for those of you who like to exercise all your senses. In addition, we're also reducing pricing on CDs across ALL SHOWS on Finally, you can subscribe to and automatically have streaming access to this show as well as over a thousand others.

Check out the full set list here and thanks for supporting music. Happy listening!