Umphrey's McGee Presents: sUMmer school | August 2012

Umphrey's McGee is proud to present sUMmer school, a five day summer music camp nestled in the heart of the gorgeous Catskill Mountains at the Full Moon Resort in Big Indian, New York. sUMmer school is in session August 6 thru 10, 2012, and will offer 150 musicians and music lovers an exploration into the music and inner workings of Umphrey's McGee.

Maybe you want to learn how to play with two guitarists in a band? Or perhaps you want to dig in and learn the nuances of our song writing or improvising process? Is the foodie in you wanting to smoke a pork shoulder with Andy? You want to play music as well as throw some washers with the guys? Or maybe you want to be a part of a group improvisation? The beauty of sUMmer school is that you're going to help write the syllabus. We will send every person who registers a survey where you'll get to tell us a bit about yourself, your musical skill level (or technical skill level for non-musicians), and what you'd like to get out of your sUMmer School experience. This is your chance to help us create the experience you want.

Registration begins Monday, November 21, at Noon ET.

For full information, visit the official sUMmer school site:

"Umphrey's McGee has always been about trying to find new ways to connect with our fans. We've created innovative interactive events like the StewArt Series and UMBowl, and sUMmer school will be next in line for us as a game-changing, uniquely Umphrey's experience. sUMmer school will display and deconstruct the essential elements of how to create music as a songwriter, an improviser and most importantly, how to succeed in the context of a full band setting both musically and as a business. With the extreme intimacy of the event taking place at the Full Moon Resort deep in the Catskills, we will create and share a week of amazing music with the attendees."

-Joel Cummins

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