The Weavils


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Jeff is dynamite,these guys rock like a donkey on acid!

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BRING YOUR DANCING SHOES. These four gentlemen have the ability to take music to the next dimension, true musician. you can feel the music pouring out from deep inside them. You can feel their personalitys coming out in the songs, pure musical talent,lots of talent, that takes you along for a ride, I am truely thankful that Icame to be included into their extented family and for the gift and enjoyment that I get from these truely talented musicians.(Jeff,Dean Geppy & John Luc. THANKS GUYS. CHRIS AND I LOVE YOU.)

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Bravo Bro!!!!!!!!

Great band to see here in Wisco kids!

DONT miss em!

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THANKS SO MUCH for this honor!

we are delighted and thrilled to have been chosen among so many fabulous bands and will do you proud at this year's

Grateful Garcia Gathering,

as well as all our shows

Proudly Wavin' that Flag,

The Weavils