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Tribal Hippie Underground Zone aka the THUGZ

Put on your dancin’ shoes, open your ears and join the party. Sonoma County’s legendary psychedelic dance band, “Tribal Hippie UnderGround Zone” (aka the Thugz) is sure to provide big fun for all with their unique brand of cosmic rock. Over the past decade this multi-faceted band has delighted music fans of all ages and tastes.

Rock, blues, country, jazz, psychedelic and various world music styles blend together at a Thugz show to bring the positive vibes of the ‘60’s into the 21st century. Informed by the music of the Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Miles Davis and others the Thugz’ original songs and cosmic jams help to create a joyous, communal spirit between band and audience.

The band has a vast repertoire that includes many Dead tunes from all eras as well as interesting originals and covers. The group strives to combine traditional elements with new and creative material; more of a celebration and less of a replication of the Grateful Dead. If you are a Deadhead or music lover in general you will enjoy the Thugz’ mixture of classic arrangements and exploratory jams.

A plethora of fine musicians have sat in with the Thugz during their musical excursions including David Gans, Barry Sless, Robin Sylvester, Niina Gerber, Zac Brown, and others.

No two “tribal hippie underground zone” shows are exactly the same but the spirit and love of music making are always present.


The Thugz are;

Mike Campbell – guitar, trumpet & vocals

Andre de Channes – guitar & vocals

Ian Favell – drums & vocals

Chris Lushington – bass

Sylvia Murphy – keyboards & vocals

Root Hog

Lafayette, IN band Root Hog’s debut self titled album, Root Hog hit the streets on September 15th, 2009 following a packed house performance at West Lafayette’s Riverside Music Center.  The debut album is available at all Root Hog shows, local record stores, and select online outlets.  The album contains 10 new original tracks, and showcases the band’s roots and blues style dubbed “Cosmic Americana”.

Root Hog formed in 2008 and almost instantly became hometown heroes, emphasizing the importance of supporting live music.  The band has spent the last year playing different venues and festivals throughout the Midwest, as well as sharing bills with many great Midwestern acts.  The band took part in Purdue University’s Summer Concert Series, the 14th Annual Indiana Microbrew Festival, Lay Flats Music Festival, and Wuhnurth Music Festival.

The debut album, Root Hog, contains all original material and shows the range and capabilities of the 5-piece band while still maintaining the solidarity and flow of a great album.  The album, produced by Mass Giorgini, contains everything from the good vibes of “Feelin’ Good” to the jazz-infused “La Pistola” which features an addition of flugelhorn provided by Ross Huff of The Macpodz.  From the heart-wrenching “Wait and See” to the dark country tune “Sad But True” to the blues-funk of “Peaches”, the band shows their ability to be diverse and at the same time hone a cohesive sound.

Root Hog Track List

  1. Fool’s Gold
  2. Feelin’ Good
  3. Peaches
  4. No Rare Thing
  5. So Damn Hard
  6. Wait and See
  7. Sad But True
  8. La Pistola
  9. Lay Your Money Down
  10. Jesus H. Blues

Fans will be able to pick up Root Hog at all of the following Root Hog tour dates:

October  23  Doc’s Music Hall  Muncie, IN

October 30  The Verve  Terre Haute, IN

October 31  Lafayette Brewing Company  Lafayette, IN

November 6  Matthews Hall  West Lafayette, IN

Singer-songwriter Bobby Long

Singer-songwriter Bobby Long still doesn’t quite know what hit him.  One minute he’s making the rounds of open mic nights in London testing out his original material in front of generally ambivalent audiences, and the next he’s selling out club dates in far-off America.  Pretty heady stuff for a 24-year-old who only began writing and performing six years ago and whose most recent goal was to graduate from college.

While his meteoric rise to instant recognition can be attributed to the inclusion of a song he co-wrote in the soundtrack of the blockbuster film “Twilight,” Bobby Long’s music has a way of rising above the film frenzy and speaking volumes to a receptive flock.  “There’s something about his humble, apologetic humor that endears him to audiences, and something about the honesty and vulnerability of his music that captivates and moves them as well,” wrote Liz McClendon in Blast Magazine of one of those early club appearances in New York City.  “The contrast in the two makes for an absolutely great performance.”

Bobby Long was born in Wigan, near Manchester in Northern England (“into a red house,” he says) and moved when he was two years old to the town of Calne in the countryside of South West England known as Wessex (think Thomas Hardy country).   His musical parents provided a constant flow of music in the house, from the Beatles to Bob Dylan to the blues.  “I’ve always loved music, but it didn’t start to hit me how much I loved it until I was about 16 and was given a guitar and started writing songs,” he recalls.  Playing along to old blues records, Bobby, who had tried cello at an early age, fell in love with the guitar and quickly joined a local grunge band, playing lead guitar.

A short time later, he began writing his first songs (“they were rubbish,” he says), and after completing his studies at 18, Bobby moved into a friend’s house for a year, working on a construction site to save up for a move to the big city.  He enrolled at London Metropolitan University, settling in a small apartment in east London, where he quickly became a regular on the open mic circuit.  Often playing five shows a week, he learned how to sing while showcasing his finely-crafted, original songs.  At one such appearance, he met his soon-to-be manager Phil Taylor as well as fellow musicians Marcus Foster and soon to become mega-acting star Robert Pattinson.

“I was playing open mic nights in London, and he [Pattinson] was playing at one too,” recalls Long.  “There was a mutual appreciation for our music.”   Long and Foster began to write songs and perform together, and it would be a song they co-wrote—coupled with their friendship with Pattinson—that would create the unforeseen break Bobby was working towards.  Pattinson, who went on to star as Edward Cullen in the film phenomenon “Twilight,” played Long and Foster’s composition “Let Me Sign” for the film’s producers.   It was the perfect fit for a crucial dramatic scene and is sung by Pattinson himself in the movie.

Almost immediately, some of that (twi) light began to shine on the music of the unsigned musicians who had composed the song, and their shows in London began to sell out.  Within two months, Long signed a publishing deal with SGO Music in England and Bug Music, the largest independent publisher in America, and made plans to capitalize on the huge interest coming from America by scheduling a short tour in April, 2009 that took him to New York, Los Angeles and Nashville.

Fueled by the support from “Twilight” fan sites, the nine scheduled shows quickly sold out and spawned interest in his two-month Dangerous Summer tour of North America.   He issued DIRTY POND SONGS, a collection of 10 songs recorded in his bedroom that he calls “a big EP,” (“You can even hear traffic sounds from outside my bedroom window on some of the tracks”) to be available at shows and via the internet.  Bobby’s debut single from the collection, “Left To Lie, reached #1 on the iTunes “Unsigned” chart and #8 on the Folk chart.  Other songs on Dirty Pond Songs include the plaintive “Who Have You Been Loving” (“When the world holds out its flag/the sun will fall across the plain/I will hold out my hands and take the blame”) and the anthemic “Dead and Done,” while the haunting imagery of songs like “Being a Mockingbird,”  “The Old Shamed Face” and “The Bounty of Mary Jane” showcase Long’s talent for telling a good story in song.  “A Passing Tale” evokes images of early Bob Dylan, while “Penance Fire Blues” is performed with near defiance.  Rounding out the set are “The Rattle and the Roll” and “So Tear Me Up.”

The tall (6’2”), shaggy-haired Bobby, who cites his influences as ranging “from Dylan to Elliott Smith to chopping wood in the night with a rusty spoon,” graduated from university before the summer tour and will continue touring until the end of the year.  “I would be happy to play every night and try out new songs,” he says.  “It will help me start thinking about what I want my first album to sound like.”   He plans to begin work on that project very soon.

That demand has spawned a fall tour beginning next week in New York to continue until the end of the year.  Bobby Long will play the B-Side Lounge in Boulder for the first time on Tuesday, November 17 and return to the Hi-Dive in Denver on Wednesday, November 18.

STEEZ: Creepfunk Crusade

Churning out their self-described "Creepfunk," a high energy, danceable variety of funk - one uniquely laced with electronic and improvisational sensibilities - the Madison-based five-piece band Steez has and teamed up with Mason Jar Records to produce the band's full-length studio debut, Creepfunk Crusade.  The CD is set for release on August 13, 2009 via all major internet outlets and at gigs on the band's CD release tour, which begins in Chicago.

steezThe Madison-based five piece, consisting of Matt Williams (keyboards, synthesizers, and accordion), Steve Neary (guitar and vocals), Rob Bessert (drums), Chris Sell (bass), and Andrzej Benkowski (saxophone, oboe, and violin) has garnered a loyal following throughout the Midwest, winning talent contests to perform at the 2008 and 2009 Summer Camp Festivals, the Rothbury Festival, and the 10,000 Lakes Festival.

After receiving repeated acclaim for their live performances, which typically include a seamless weaving of thoughtfully composed originals and crowd pleasing covers spanning from Madonna to clever obscurities like Genialstid (from Estonia), Steez hit the studio with producer Andrew LaValley of Bear Sound in Madison, WI over the course of six months to record intricately detailed renditions of twelve original songs.

When people talk about the old adage that debut albums are often the best of a band’s career - because they highlight the best work from the musicians’ entire lives up to that point - it is with albums like Creepfunk Crusade in mind. A true organic grassroots effort, Steez and LaValley teamed up after LaValley began recording their live shows and a mutual respect developed. Subsequently, after writing about Steez as a favorite up and coming band on Glide Magazine’s Hidden Track blog, Mason Jar Records co-founder Ryan Dembinsky and Steez became friends and decided that Steez and Mason Jar Records made a perfect collaboration for the start of a new independent record label. These connections translated into an incredible energy and excitement for the project, the result of which is a special end result.

At its core, Creepfunk Crusade is exactly what it sounds like, a dirty as a West Village Taco Bell funk album. The overarching theme of the album is set by songs like “Electric Mr. Boston,” “Duderfunk,” “Wrappin It Up,” and the album standout, “Scoring Position,” which integrate innovative funk song structures, a fresh driving rhythm section, and patient powerhouse playing on sax, guitar, and keyboards.

Alternatively, the band bends with sonic flexibility on departures such as the both catchy and hilarious, “Hot N Sweaty,” which pokes fun at the ladies (read: wookies) of the jamband scene - of which Steez is a part - with its gut busting lyrics, “Girl you look really hot and sweaty. Got a little vomit on your dreadies. I was hoping you could save me a bag of headies. You could really use a new pair of tennies. Honey if you want to; you can have my pennies.”

Further, what is a debut album without a breakup song? Creepfunk Crusade includes the band’s two song, multi-part cathartic stop-start opus, “So I Guess I’ll See Ya” parts I and II, which highlights the band’s honorary sixth member Kenny Leiser (Lucas Cates Band) on violin and calls upon the Old West, Pink Floyd, and the Disco Biscuits for influence.

The patient approach and tireless studio hours come across in the album as each song layers near-countless tracks with meticulous detail. Particulars to note include keyboard player Matt Williams’ endless palette of unique tone colors, interactions and lick-trades between instruments with Swiss watch precision, and stop-start timings.

All told, with their remarkable work ethic, splendid song writing, unmatched chemistry, and now a brilliant debut album - one that turns the axiom that jambands can’t make a good studio album upside down - Steez is sure to make waves and take Creepfunk to the next level.

In support of the album, Steez will hit the road for a brief CD release tour, their first on a national level and highlighted with a record release/label launch party in New York City on August 21st at the Bowery Poetry Club

CD Release Tour Dates

Aug 13 2009 9:00 PM CD RELEASE TOUR - Kinetic Playground, Chicago, IL

Aug 14 2009 10:00 PM CD RELEASE TOUR - The Mousetrap, Indianapolis, IN

Aug 15 2009 8:00 PM CD RELEASE TOUR- Skullys, Columbus, OH

Aug 16 2009 9:00 PM CD RELEASE TOUR - Stanley’s Pub, Cincinnati, OH

Aug 17 2009 8:00 PM CD RELEASE TOUR - The Fishtank, Lexington, KY

Aug 20 2009 9:00 PM CD RELEASE TOUR - Mile High Club, Philadelphia, PA

Aug 21 2009 8:00 PM CD RELEASE TOUR - Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY

Aug 22 2009 6:00 PM CD RELEASE TOUR - Nelson Ledges Quarry, Garrettsville, OH

Aug 28 2009 8:00 PM CD RELEASE TOUR - High Noon Saloon Madison, WI

Sept 4 2009 10:00 PM  CD RELEASE TOUR - the Cabooze Minneapolis, MN

Sep 18 2009 10:00 PM CD RELEASE TOUR - Up and Under Pub Milwaukee, WI


tracorumTracorum draws inspiration for their uniquely original songs from the hard hitting stage bands of the 60's n 70's and pride themselves on consistently delivering energy charged live shows. Roots music mixed with an urban sensibility draw a diverse group of music lovers to their heart felt music. Original song writing serves as the creative springboard to explore many styles of music, from Rock, Gospel, Funk, Rhythm & Blues, to Latin, New Orleans, Caribbean and Soul. Tracorum’s instrumental prowess coupled with rich vocal harmony creates an eclectic landscape of soul-inspired music and lyrics. The music has been described as piano based Cosmic Gospel Thunder Funk with a little Cajun, Creole Seasoning. Honest stories about life are at the root of this contagious music. Tracorum is a band that evokes the spirit of music to move the unmovable. Guaranteed to get the people grooving, Tracorum always keeps the dance floor bumpin, the kegs flowing, and the feel good music rocking till the wee hours.

Upcoming Gigs:

Wed June 17th Elbo Room San Francisco,Ca JFJO (Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey), TRACORUM 9 pm - $8/$10 - adv. tix: Supporting Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey Showtime 9pm Come out early and support us supporting JFJO

Thur June 18th@ Tioga Gas Mart Lee Vining, Ca 6pm till..

Fri June 19th Telluride Bluegrass Festival "NIght Show"@ Las Montanas 100 W Colorado Ave Telluride, Co Showtime 10pm

Sat June 20th Telluride Bluegrass Festival "Night Show"@ Tommy's Telluride, Co 1030pm

Thur June 25th Dulcineas 100th Monkey Denver, Co 9pm Headlining for the good people of Denver

Fri June 26th Owsley's Golden Road w/ Jacob Fred Jazz Odessey and Fareed Haque "Flat Earth Ensemble" 9pm

Sat June 27th The Mangy Moose Jackson Hole, Wyoming 9pm

Wed July 1st Pangea Quincy,Ca 9pm High Sierra Music Festival Wednesday Pre Party

Fri July 10th Iron Door Saloon Groveland,Ca 9pm California's Oldest Saloon. We will be recording a live album for two nights inside this amazing wooden building. Great time of year to visit Yosemite and it's surrounding beauty. Plan a weekend and be a part of our historic recording.

Sat July 11th Iron Door Saloon Groveland,Ca 9pm Visit this "Crossroads of America" Since 1851 Tracorum recording a live album for two nights

Sun July 12th The Independent San Francisco, Ca supporting Big Sam's Funky Nation Doors 8pm Showtime 9pm Tickets are $15 Advance Purchase Tickets on Sunday June 7th

Thur Aug 6th Tioga Gas Mart Lee Vining, Ca 8pm

Boogie Matrix Mechanism

Started in 2005, Boogie Matrix Mechanism released their debut album "Glass Candy" over Halloween 2006. They give the audience an eclectic mix of Jam psychedelia, hip hop, blues, reggae, funk n more. This seven piece band gives the audience not just funked out grooves or trippy space, but also some strong messages through the lyrics and entertaining opportunities through crowd participation.

bmmOut of Toledo, OH this jam band is bringing a positive vibe with an original mix of styles that few if any are doing today. Through a mutual friend, Brian Bell AKA 'Mainstream' and Bob Maltby, met in the fall of 2003. Immediately they started making music. Mainstream's innovative, often politically based, occasionally psychedelic induced lyrics mixed with Bob's funked out bass riffs along with some added drumming started a simple first band. However after the drummers exit from the band Brian and Bob started reevaluating the seriousness of their musical goals and moved from the trio format to create more of an acoustic sound with Bob playing rhythm guitar instead of bass. Looking for percussion/bass/whatever, in December 2004 Brian ran into an old friend Ben Durham whose band, Blind Sighted, had just broken up. His addition on bass along with his drummer Eric Lowden laid down a strong foundation for Boogie Matrix Mechanism. A short search for a keyboardist led to Jim Kahmann out of Toledo. Soon after came the addition of lead guitarist John Kuntz into the mix and finally, in November of 2005, Eric's close friend Aaron Armstrong was added in on percussion and the evolution of Boogie Matrix Mechanism continues........

Boogie Matrix independently released their first album "Glass Candy" on Halloween 2006 . Then independently released their second album "Animated Reality" in the spring of 2008 and are now playing shows around Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Pennsylvania. They are interested in expanding their range and playing in as many different places as possible. In the past three summers they have played festivals such as Columbia Gas Ribs by the River 2006 and 2007 in Promenade Park in downtown Toledo, Indiana Jam Bash 2006, The Chaffee Gathering 2007 and Shamy Bash 2007 and 2008, Hookahville 29, Rhythmfest 3 and Gratefulfest 9. They have also shared the bill with such names as George Clinton and the Parliment Funkidelic, Moe., Ekoostik Hookah, Vince Herman, Railroad Earth, One Under, Wookiefoot, Mickey Hart Band, Dark Star Orchestra, Jim Miller Band, The Rumpke Mountain Boys, Boom Box, U-Melt, The Maji, Lotus, Family Groove Company, The Spike Drivers, The Macpodz, The Goods, The Werks, Covert Operations, Papadosio, Moser Woods and many more.

They are playing great Ohio venues such as Nelson's Ledges Quarry Park, Legend Valley, Frontier Ranch, Headliner's in Toledo, The Mad Frog in Cincinnati, Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, Phantasy Club in Lakewood, Howard's Club H in Bowling Green, Jackie O's in Athens, Ruby Tuesdays in Columbus, Mickey Finn's in Toledo. They have also played Docksider in Erie, PA Doc's Music Hall in Muncie, IN. The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, MI, T.C. Speakeasy in Ypsilanti, MI and many more. Boogie Matrix recorded their second album independently and looks toward touring out of state in pursuit of reaching music fans all over the country. Boogie Matrix combines a diverse mix of genres including jam/ psychedlic rock, hip-hop, reggae, blues, funk, bluegrass n more. What sets them apart, is their positive vibe, distinct style with the music and delivery of lyrics that no one else is doing today. Boogie Matrix Mechanism's influence include The Grateful Dead, Santana, Widespread Panic, Talking Heads, Frank Zappa, Bob Marley, Sublime and many, many, many more!

Currently touring Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and Michigan with a dedicated following of dance-happy music fans, the fire breathing septet has landed in places like Hookahville 29, Rhythmfest 3, and Gratefulfest 9, not to mention the many club gigs at premier area venues. These days BMM is ferociously pursuing national tour dates. With their kind vibes and energetic performances Boogie Matrix Mechanism is guaranteed to get any live crowd on its feet.

Boogie Matrix will be opening for Keller Williams at the Shamy Bash, so be sure to get there and check 'em out!

 Upcoming Shows ( view all )
Apr 17 2009 9:00P
One Eyed Jack’s w/ Jones for Revival Fairborn, Ohio
Apr 18 2009 9:00P
Mickey Finn’s Irish Pub - 4:20 Blowout w/ Jones for Revival Toledo, Ohio
May 2 2009 1:00P
Rock-N-Reggae Festival @ Salt River Acres Campground Shepherd, Michigan
May 8 2009 10:00P
Kaysan’s 5th Down wsg Ladymoon Fort Wayne, Indiana
May 9 2009 9:00P
The Mousetrap wsg Ladymoon Indianapolis, Indiana
May 24 2009 9:00P
Boogie Matrix Mechanism’s Mainstream Birthday Bash and Memorial Day Madness Celebration Toledo, Ohio
May 30 2009 10:00P
NLQP Summer Kick-Off @ Nelson’s Ledges Quarry Park Nelson township/Garrettsville, Ohio
Jun 6 2009 1:00P
Benefit for our brother Shawn(DedicatedCarpenter420)tba tba, Ohio
Jun 13 2009 1:00P
Southwind Music Festival @ The Zane Shawnee Caverns Bellefontaine, Ohio
Jun 27 2009 12:00A
Super Secret Late Night Festi Set @ We’re not telling!!!! ERIE
Jul 17 2009 1:00P
Ann Arbor Street Art Fair w/ The Macpodz Ann Arbor, Michigan
Aug 2 2009 8:00P
Private Party Findlay, Ohio
Aug 15 2009 1:00P
Shamy Bash / Snugglefest @ Frontier Ranch Pataskala, Ohio
Sep 12 2009 11:00P
Something Fantastic II Logan

Psychedelphia: "Your listening pleasure is our pleasure"

aldenPeople who are familiar with Psychedelphia know to not have any preconceived notions about a show. Anything and everything can happen on any given night. From the moment the Philly based quintet takes the stage, they entrance the crowd with funky, melodic grooves that hit new heights once everyone's improvisational skills are unleashed. Kenn Mogel's guitar acrobatics provide tasty leads over the diverse array of grooves held down by Alden Parker's funky Southern Fried rhythm guitar, John Olsen's innovative bass lines, and Adam Pasqueal's masterful beats. The finished product is a combination of tight grooves spliced with free flowing interplay that is always dancer-friendly.

While on stage, Psychedelphia exercises each song to its fullest potential, stretching some to twenty minutes or more, and often ending up in a place completely unforeseen. While many bands find it difficult to accurately capture their jamcentric tendencies in the Studio, Psychedelphia, in recording their In with the New EP, has effectively reigned in the length of solo sections to create highly-arranged and tightly-crafted versions of their live staples that retain every bit of the fun and danceability of their live counterparts. The final product is nothing less than a complete group effort, with each member bringing forth equal contribution to each composition. All of the writing is done with the full 4 members in mind, which allows for each member to draw from their diverse musical backgrounds to create a synthetic amalgamation of sounds. Each song is a veritable myriad of musical genres with seamless transitions into and out of each one.

Although many people would describe Psychedelphia as a jam band, it doesn't do the complexity of the music full justice to sum them up so concisely. The music of the jam band is centered around one aspect---improvisation. Psychedelphia certainly employs improvisation into their compositions, but they effectively transcend the jam band label while adhering to the philosophy of it. By incorporating elements of funk, fusion, electronica, dance, reggae, Latin, rock, and others, Psychedelphia can, at times, be labeled as any or all of those.

While they have only been together for about 6 months, Psychedelphia has wasted no time in making a name for themselves in the Philly area. Having played late night sets at many area parties and festivals, Psychedelphia always gets the crowd onto their feet and out on the dance floor. They are currently building a catalog of original material in anticipation of a nation-wide tour in the summer and fall of 2009.

HannaH*s Field

hannaHHannaH*s Field brings love, light & spirit to the people with their Gypsy Reggae music. Their uplifting roots, acoustic fairy folk & African Earth Beats blend together, creating a magical experience for all.

Nominated best female vocalist in the Hartford Advocate, HannaH*s Field has shared the stage with such great acts as: The Average White Band, Brother’s Johnson, Gov’t Mule(members of the Allman Bros. Band), Derek Trucks, The Samples, Percy Hill and Sound Tribe Sector Nine. They have performed at such venues as the Eugene Hempfest, House of Blues in Chicago, Mississippi Pizza, Toad’s Place, 9 Muses Acoustic Tavern, Pearl Street Nightclub & the Spiral Rhythms festival. HannaH*s Field recently released their new CD, "Warriors of Love". Their new sound is being embraced by everyone, from folk lovers, reggae snowboarders to rock-n-rollers.

“With flash garments, long hair, and clamant, vociferous strains, vocalist and percussionist HannaH reminds me of an updated, confident Janis Joplin with an optimistic edge.”(Dagmar Noll/Eastern Newspaper). HannaH spent the month of May 2002 writing and recording 7 songs with Brothers Johnson bassist and major session man-Louis Johnson. In February, Johnson discovered HannaH, singing at a night club, with HannaH*s Field. He invited her to his studio in Los Angeles to make a c.d. The Brothers Johnson were produced by Quincy Jones and had many hits including, "Strawberry Letter 23", "Stomp", and "I'll Be Good to You" . Louis Johnson played bass on albums by Micheal Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Herbie Hancock, Paul McCartney and many other popular artists. HannaH toured with them as a back up singer playing such venues as the House of Blues and First Avenue in Minneapolis-the club that Prince enshrined in the movie Purple Rain.

HannaH*s Field will inspire you to envision flying gypsies, feel rhythmic tranquility & dance barefoot in the green summer grass.

The Absynth Quintet

Absynth Quintet- for the Grateful Web

The Absynth Quintet melds the familiar and the avant-garde with a unique and provocative palette of tone and texture. This is street corner swing with a sense of humor, bluegrass with foot stomping danceability, intertwined with playful forays into the depths of sophisticated musical experimentation.

The Eugene Weekly places the sound "somewhere along the spectrum of acoustic-improvisational-gypsy-jazz...plucky and tight à la David Grisman" with "a dash of Eastern European exoticism that puts you in a smoky, understated hash bar kind of mood". They make music that is equally appropriate for sit down shows at theatres or rocking Friday night dance club parties, "we work where the visceral and the cerebral meet, we eat rice" is how Mandolinist Chris "Bird" Jowaisas put it. Recent performances had the band sharing the stage with such acts as Vince Herman, Thamusement, Vagabond Opera, David Grisman Quintet, Peter Rowan and Hot Buttered Rum.

The Absynth Quintet's latest release Indigo Shoes has been receiving raving reviews. Kevlar Mariachi Pants is a live CD recorded fall of 2006. The Arcata Eye said "...listening to KMP is akin to being served an exotic meal (or mind altering beverage) one could never hope to replicate at home. You have to go out for this kind of stuff. Delicious". The CD is out now on Sidenote records and available at music stores and itunes.


Chris from Goliath- for the Grateful Web
Goliath is a beautiful accident.  At Tommy's Tavern in Brooklyn, NY - Brian and Chris were to play a duo improvisational gig to a tiny, packed room of pogo-ing hellcats and hipsters.  Chris invited Drew to sit in. There were no tunes, no plans, and most of all - no fear. Just the right potion of musicality, shared history and daring required for exquisite risk - and reward.
Since that frigid February night, Goliath has become a surging force in the New York rock scene.  The Goliath sound is contagious and surfable; a forceful, sublime blend of soaring riffs, powerful hooks, thunderous drums and high wire vocals all carrying a message of workingman's spirituality and artistry.
Working in none other than the mighty Sonic Youth's Think Tank Studio (Hoboken, NJ) with the well-respected Chris Gefken at the helm, Goliath has released their first 3 song EP "Save It For Yourself".  Songs from this release and other live cuts can be heard @ their website  A full length release is due in early 2009.