The Western Flyers Debut Album Out 7/29


Submitted by -HearthMusic Wed, 06/29/2016 - 2:47 pm

In 1940s Texas, if you wanted to court a girl after a long day on the Texas oil rigs, you sought out the nearest dancehall. Dusty, gin-soaked, and boisterous, the hall was driven by the Western Swing it bore; jazz, blues and swing standards melded with cowboy songs and electrifying old-time fiddle tunes. Legendary fiddler and band leader Bob Wills was king in this world and the dancehalls and theaters of Texas were buzzing with great fiddlers and singers, creating a new sound that would define Southwestern roots music for decades to come. More than seventy-five years later, The Western Flyers’ debut album, Wild Blue Yonder, explodes with the influence of this storied genre, and if Bob Wills was listening off-stage he’d be smiling in approval. Internationally-renowned guitar master Joey McKenzie drives the train with his powerful rhythm, reigning National Swing Fiddle champion Katie Glassman’s improvisation astounds, and world-class upright bassist Gavin Kelso adds fuel to the fire. A blending of tradition and innovation, Wild Blue Yonder is a singular music experience; a fresh take on a venerable American art form performed by three virtuosos of the genre.