Yonder Mountain Releases Free Live Music Compilation


Submitted by -JP Cutler Media Fri, 12/04/2015 - 11:13 am

In the beginning days of Yonder Mountain String Band, dedicated fans helped support the emerging group by recording their shows and following Yonder on the road. Free archives of YMSB's live performances quickly spread like wild fire to music fans across the country, and what began with only a few individuals manifested into a community known at the Kinfolk. To this day, many Kinfolk still follow the band for strings of tour dates at a time. The Kinfolk have formed a close-knit fellowship with the sound of Yonder Mountain String Band being the bond that connects them all. They're a central part of the band's heritage, and they continue to play a vital role in spreading the good word about all things Yonder. YMSB currently has more than 4,500 Kinfolk on the Yonder Kinfolk Facebook Group Page where many have open forums about the shows, set lists, and the band.

To give thanks to the community that's supported Yonder Mountain all these years, the band offers a free live music compilation to their fans, entitled the Kinfolk Community Album. YMSB put together every set list from each show from their recent Fall Tour 2015 and presented it to the Kinfolk on social media so that the community themselves could vote on the top songs from each night. Completely powered by the Kinfolk, this "Best Of Fall Tour 2015" compilation is now free for download and streaming on YMSB's website.