Elephant Revival Release New Video


Submitted by -United Interests Fri, 02/24/2017 - 4:35 pm

Colorado band Elephant Revival releases a new music video for their song "Petals", the title track of their latest studio album.

The video was directed by Laura Goldhamer (the woman behind Gregory Alan Isakov's video for "Amsterdam"). This painstakingly intricate piece or work incorporates Goldhamer's signature mix of techniques, intertwining stop motion animation with live action filming, using original sculptures and paintings. Bonnie Paine of Elephant Revival was also a major driving force in bringing this passion project to fruition.

When someone I love has died, I find an insatiable wonder of what they have become without their body and a deep desire to recognize whatever new form of presence might be there, be it a warmth reminiscent of the nearness of them or a kind of wind I can almost touch. So in short, this song is a search for that presence in others and in my own self through a kind of letting go." --Bonnie Paine

The "Petals" video is overflowing with Colorado creativity. Among Elephant Revival and Goldhamer, all of the hands that helped put together each piece of artwork are Colorado-based. The video also features the PlentyWolf singers, a Colorado Lakota group, drumming in the ballroom of the infamous Stanley Hotel.