Formula 5 Launches Kickstarter


Submitted by -Formula 5 Tue, 11/08/2016 - 10:00 am

Formula 5 announced this week a Kickstarter campaign in support of their third studio album, due to be released in Spring 2017. The crowd-funding effort netted more than 20% of their $12,000 goal in less than 4 days, putting them on pace to exceed their goal before the December 14 deadline.

This venture into the studio marks the first for the current Formula 5 lineup of Joe Davis (guitar), Greg Marek (drums), James Woods (bass) and Matt Richards (keyboards). This will also mark the first studio album for both Woods and Richards, who shares his excitement towards entering the studio for the first time.

”I look forward to the process of arranging songs we have performed live many times, and how that will be different from the process of adapting our new songs from the album to their live arrangements. In a live setting, you have to perfect your arrangement of a song during the performance. You are limited by what arrangement you can perform in a singular moment. In the studio, your arrangements aren't limited by what you can perform at one moment. That greatly increases the number of possible arrangements for a given song.” – Matt Richards, keyboards/vocals, Formula 5

Formula 5 has toured relentlessly in 2016, clocking in nearly 90 shows so far and will end the year with a Phish pre-show in New York City at American Beauty on December 30. The band enters the studio in January with a full month off to record in Albany, NY with a planned release in Spring 2017.

Throughout the past 5 years, Formula 5 has undergone immense growth and change, both musically and as a team. With a fan base that has grown thanks to appearances at Catskill Chill, Disc Jam, Buffalove, Backwoods Pondfest, Rock n Roll Resort, and Adirondack Music Festival, drummer Greg Marek reflects on the success of 2016: “We have gained a significant amount of fans in the last year that have shown immense support both online and at the shows.”

As Formula 5 enters into their Kickstarter campaign, they are confident that their improvisational funk jam sound will continue to find new audiences across the country. Formula 5 intends to record an album for fans both old and new, establishing a sound and returning to the road in support an effort they are proud to perform live.