Mike Ness’ solo albums, Under The Influences and Cheating At Solitaire Out 4/6


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Craft Recordings is proud to announce two vinyl reissues for Mike Ness’ solo albums, Under The Influences and Cheating At Solitaire, both set for release on April 6th. Ness is most widely known as the frontman for Social Distortion — a band that would profoundly impact the American Punk Rock movement and go on to be one of the best-selling punk rock groups of all time. But long before he ever heard the Ramones, the Clash or the Sex Pistols, Ness grew up listening to early rock and roll.

His solo work represents the full spectrum of all these influences. Cheating At Solitaire and Under The Influences integrate punk, rockabilly, primitive rock and roll, country and blues while maintaining the energy that typifies Mike Ness.

About Cheating At Solitaire:

Cheating At Solitaire, the first solo release from Ness, was originally released in 1999 and has been long out of print on vinyl until this reissue. This 2-LP album incorporates the raw power and social relevance that has always marked Mike Ness’ music, while embracing many of the defining styles in American rock and roll history. Among the guest contributors are Brian Setzer and Bruce Springsteen, and featured cover songs include Bob Dylan’s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright” and Hank Williams’ “You Win Again.” Bonus track “Company C” is exclusive to the vinyl configuration.

The album is available to pre-order now as a 2-LP vinyl set, and also on limited-edition blue vinyl (500 pieces), available exclusively via the Official Mike Ness Store (at the pre-order link below).

Cheating At Solitaire – Track Listing:

A1: The Devil In Miss Jones

A2: Don’t Think Twice

A3: Misery Loves Company (with Bruce Springsteen)

A4: Crimes Don’t Pay (with Brian Setzer)

B1: Rest Of Our Lives

B2: You Win Again

B3: Cheating At Solitaire

B4: No Man’s Friend

C1: Charmed Life

C2: Dope Fiend Blues (with Billy Zoom)

C3: Ballad Of A Lonely Man

C4: I’m In Love With My Car

D1: If You Leave Before Me

D2: Long Black Veil

D3: Send Her Back

D4: Company C

Pre-order on vinyl here: http://found.ee/MikeNess-Solitaire-LP-p

Listen here: http://found.ee/MikeNess-Solitaire-Spotify-p

About Under The Influences:

Under The Influences is an influences-driven collection of country, rock and bluegrass covers of songs that inspired Mike Ness. He was especially inspired by the roots of American music, and his earliest influences were the pioneers of rock and roll — musicians that were scandalous and rebellious in their day. Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, Woody Guthrie and Creedence Clearwater Revival marked Ness’ early years. The musicianship of the bands and the revolutionary spirit at their core appealed to Ness. This radical essence would become his calling-card, but he would never lose the love of his roots.

“I have a great affection for roots music. Old blues, country, folk, rockabilly and primitive rock and roll in general.” Says Ness, “Without these roots, I wouldn't have perspective. I love the music and feel it is as relevant as ’70s glitter and early punk. As a solo artist, I am able to cross the boundaries and integrate it all. I tried to bring these influences together and keep it honest."

Under The Influences, first released in 1999, features songs as diverse as the Sonny Curtis-penned "I Fought The Law" and the Carter Family’s “Wildwood Flower,” each with a unique Mike Ness spin. It also features a honky-tonk version of the Social Distortion classic, “Ball and Chain.”

The album is available to pre-order now as a standard vinyl, and also on limited-edition red vinyl (500 pieces), available exclusively via the Official Mike Ness Store (at the pre-order link below).

Under The Influences – Track Listing:

A1: All I Can Do Is Cry

A2: Gamblin’ Man

A3: Let The Jukebox Keep On Playing

A4: I Fought The Law

A5: Big Iron

A6: One More Time

A7: Six More Miles

B1: A Thief In The Night

B2: Once A Day

B3: Funnel Of Love

B4: House Of Gold

B5: Wildwood Flower

B6: Ball and Chain (Honky Tonk)

Pre-order on vinyl here:  http://found.ee/MikeNess-Influences-LP-p

Listen here: http://found.ee/MikeNess-Influences-Spotify-p