Dimensions of Block: Collaboration x Creation x Innovation


Submitted by -Tsunami Publicity Sat, 10/31/2015 - 12:23 pm

Los Angeles based producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist; David Block has a great deal to look forward to. The perennial performer, who has been known since childhood as the “family prolific creator”, will hit the road this fall with a number of collaborative releases, featured remixes and a brand new live project set for a mid-winter launch. A busy year for Block, his 2015 projects have included a foray into folk music’s from around the world, multimedia arts and a long-awaited live band collaboration aptly named Gone Gone Beyond expected to be released mid-November. 

Known for his work with the wildly popular project The Human Experience and on the heels of highly successful performances at Burning ManSymbiosis Gathering, and many others, David Block is celebrated for diving deep into emotive and transformational electronic music. A naturally gifted composer, his lifetime is dotted with various instruments and inspirations which continue to play a role in his career today.

In the coming months Block will release a number of collaborative tracks spanning multiple genres of musical relations. The recent release of The Human Experience's preeminent new single "Into Your Wild" featuring Colibri is delightfully chilling, while Phutureprimitive's remix version of "Into Your Wild" has made appearances on Phutureprimitive's current tour for his new album "Searching for Beauty in the Darkest Places Part II".

In contrast, Block toys with his soulful nature in a long-awaited collaboration with soul-singer, Leah Song of Rising Appalachia (Official remix of famed composer Philip Glass). The two met while traveling in India and have maintained a strong friendship ever since. Expected to hit in the Fall of 2015, this unique combination of classical fusion EDM is loaded with the kind of heart and soul that makes a song instantly memorable.

Perhaps the most exciting project penned for release is Block’s concept project and self-titled EP, WAVS. The 7-track EP will feature all original compositions featuring a number of phenomenal musicians. Paul Weinfield (guitar/songwriting) and Danny Musengo (vocals/songwriting) teamed up with David Block (producer/songwriter) to collaborate as the three core members on this album. Unlike anything you have heard from Block before, the album is stacked with live horns, keys, upright bass, and will be expecting a full live band in 2016. 
Willing to dive into as many projects it takes to satisfy his relentless creativity; David Block has always taken a genre busting approach and may just cap off the year as the reigning King of Collaboration in 2015. 
Block will hit the road this fall with a number of tour dates and lecture stops through the end of the year weaving multiple inspirations and collaborative pieces into the live show setting. For more information on everything David Block, check out his official website at www.humanexperiencecreations.com.