Eva Salina's Tribute to Romani Legend Šaban Bajramović


Submitted by -HearthMusic Wed, 02/03/2016 - 12:23 pm

Acclaimed NY vocalist Eva Salina's new album takes on the legacy of the legendary Serbian Romani (gypsy) singer Šaban Bajramović. He was larger than life and known for his gritty love songs of mad women and tragic tales. Eva Salina's tribute to Bajramović is two-parts celebration and one-part subversion. To make the album she drew from New York's jazz and global scenes, including members of Slavic Soul Party!, Kultur Shock, and The Klezmatics (Frank London). She also traveled by special invite to a small village in Serbia to record the inimitable sounds of Balkan brass bands from Roma musicians. She sings in the Romani language throughout, subverting Bajramović's male voice with her own. It's a daring, gonzo album that pays as much homage to the sounds of Serbia in the 80s as it does to Romani music today!