Kimie Miner Announces New Music Video


Submitted by -Press Junkie PR Mon, 05/23/2016 - 2:46 pm

Kimié Miner, the Hawaiian based singer-songwriter who uniquely weaves between Reggae, Soul, R&B, Jazz, Hawaiian, and Pop, recently launched her new music video for the song “Trouble” from her 2015 critically-acclaimed album. You can view the video below.

The self-titled album sees Kimié coming into her own as an artist from her journey of world travels, her residency in California, and her reconnection to her native Hawaiian roots.  Although she put out a few releases, Kimié’s new album is a re-introduction to her and her music and is aptly titled Kimié Miner.  The theme for the album is land, which Kimié states, “It’s about our connection to the land and the seasons we experience both in our surroundings and within ourselves.”

Press accolades from the album state, “[Kimié] has developed an eclectic musical style all her own” (Artist Direct), “This record is simply one of those tasty treats you can't wait to play for your friends and turn them into believers (Midwest Record), and “The new album is by far one of the best I've heard from any female artist coming out of Hawaii” (Rudeboy Hawaii).

“Trouble” is one of four tracks Miner co-wrote with Billy Van in Indianapolis. Kimié states, “This song is about the internal struggle we all have within ourselves. We want to do well but we all fall off the wagon at some point. It’s about the realization that we’re not perfect and learning how to deal with that. The only person who can save you is you.”

Kimié Miner was recorded mostly in Hawaiʻi at Blue Planet Sound Recording Studio.  Bolstered by her recent move back home, Miner met a variety of writers and producers in her travels, through which she encountered fresh musical ideas and new versions of herself. This combination of mobility and groundedness informs her assertion that “I am not just a Hawaiian entertainer. I am a songwriter with a mission to let my roots give me wings. I want to be able to show young people that they can be proud of who they are and where they come from while still exploring the rest of the world.”
“Trouble” Video Credits:
Kimié Miner - Executive Producer
Joel Layogan - Producer, Director, Editor, Cinematographer
Oday Shakar - Creative Director, stylist
Kekoa Kapua - Associate Producer
Eric Kim - 1st AC
Austin Harris - Gimbal Op / Camera Operator
Cody Preston Troxell - 2nd AC
Matt Arner - Gaffer
Randy Crisco - Key Grip
Sarah Noru Alammuri - 1st AD
Ray Castillo - VFX Artist
Chantelle Su’a- Producer Assist, F+B 
Roman Teanio - BTS Photographer
Alexander Peuchot - Makeup/ Hair
Kailua Hurwitz - Hair, Assist
Mckenna Maduli - Assist
Shadi Faridi - Assist, RV driver, BTS photographer
Nolan Padilla - Choreographer
David Delaney - music video trailers
Archimedes aka Bert – Owl

US Tour Dates:
05/26 – California Roots Pre Party – Monterey, CA
05/28 – 39th Annual Na Hoku Hanohano AwardsHonolulu, HI
06/15 – The Federal Underground – Long Beach, CA
06/17 – Hotel Café – Los Angeles, CA
06/18 – San Diego Oysterfest 2016 – San Diego, CA